Narconon 2004 History

2004 Narconon History

Since 1966, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has been offered at rehab centers, first in the US and then around the world, to save people from addiction. In 2004, there were dozens of major events and advances that marked the forward progress of this anti-addiction technology.

CADCA Narconon Conference

Yes, the main job of Narconon is to help people recover from addiction, to help them return home drug and alcohol-free. The job also includes drug education on a large scale, and working with community, governmental and non-governmental organizations to provide help and advice wherever it is needed.

In 2004, Narconon staff reached out to help the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America ( This is a cooperative effort of parents, schools, faith-based groups, businesses, law enforcement, social service agencies and others who have a interest in reducing addiction. In Washington D.C., representatives from Narconon International and centers in Oklahoma and Michigan attended a CADCA conference to share their resources. It was an opportunity to tell hundreds of people about the effectiveness of the Narconon rehabilitation technology and to distribute anti-drug booklets.

In June, Narconon centers wrapped up a year-long campaign that aligned with the United Nations efforts to reduce drug abuse and trafficking. As announced in Los Angeles by Narconon International President Clark Carr, Narconon centers around the world took the UN message “Let’s Talk about Drugs” to heart and reached out to communities. More than 400,000 students in 36 countries were educated on the consequences of drug abuse. In Mexico, the police in Pedro Escobedo and Tequesquilapan drove drug education presenters to school each day so they could present their classes.

Drug Education narconon Arrowhead

Drug prevention specialists were honored and acknowledged in communities around the world. In Rushville, Oklahoma, the Narconon educator received a key to the city. A deputy sheriff in Northern California praised Narconon staff for their professionalism and concern. A children’s center was opened in Atlanta’s inner city. And in Oklahoma, more than 60,000 children heard anti-drug educational lectures.

Elsewhere in the US, Narconon drug prevention specialist used every platform and opportunity to combat drug abuse. For Red Ribbon Week in October, teams of Narconon educators made sweeps through Los Angeles schools, reaching nearly 4,000 students in two weeks. Drug education lecturers even got the chance to deliver the Narconon anti-drug abuse curriculum to students visiting the Drug Enforcement Administration in Times Square.

SAMHSA and Narconon Co-Host a Conference to Bring Together Anti-Drug Groups

Narconon SAMHSA Conference

In August, 2004, a hundred people from faith-based and drug rehabilitation groups met in Oklahoma City at a conference co-hosted by Narconon and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Non-governmental groups were taught how they can apply for government funds to fight back against addiction in their communities. Clifton Mitchell, SAMHSA Coordinator, told the groups that the government could not overcome the problem on its own and that the help of the 20 churches and 25 rehab groups in attendance was needed. Attendees had a chance to learn and practice some of the techniques used in the Narconon First Step program, the initial steps of helping a person get off drugs. These techniques have since spread out into the community and are now being used internationally by church groups and Twelve-Step programs as well as Narconon centers.

Narconon of Oklahoma celebrated its 15th year of service in the state and was acknowledged by State Senator Richard Lerblance who stated, “Programs like this can make a huge difference in the state. Narconon has been a great partner and a great asset to Southeast Oklahoma.” At the time of this anniversary, Narconon of Oklahoma had graduated more than 2,100 clean and sober citizens.

Narconon Training

Besides helping those who are addicted recover their sobriety, the Narconon Arrowhead facility trains Narconon staff, government officials and non-government agency personnel from around the world. In 2004, three Jordanian police officers who wished to return home to open the first Arabic-speaking rehab center were trained in delivering the program. Trainees also came from all over the US, Canada, South Africa and Turkey.

One of the Jordanian trainees summed up his experience by saying, “This great program is something wonderful. It gives the student a golden chance to get a new life… I think it is useful for this program to be spread all over the world.” Yassir Asasfeh, Jordanian Police Officer

Drug Education Reaches 35% More Kids – and Businesses Too

Narconon Drug Education

When the numbers were all in from 2004, Narconon Arrowhead drug education presentations, it turned out that 45,000 students had been taught the truth about drugs. This was a 35-37% increase over the prior year. In Rushville, Indiana, the Arrowhead staff member who went traveled there not only taught at the schools, he also went to the county jail where he gave more successful presentations. After that, he met with the Rotary Club and sent his message out over the radio.

Back in Oklahoma, educators were asked to come to the local Army Ammunition plant to deliver a drug-free workplace seminar to 1,300 employees. And in the summer, one of Arrowhead’s top educators traveled to Los Angeles to educate a unit of the US Naval Sea Cadets.

All in all, 2004 was a rousing year of success for Narconon all across the United States.


Narconon 2004 - California Legislative Assembly Certificate of Recognition for Narconon of Northern California

Eastern Cape Province South Africa Letter of acknlowledgement to Narconon for Drug Education in regional schools in South Africa

Florida Substance Abuse Program Awards Narconon

Florida Substance Abuse Program Awards Narconon

Los Angeles Directory of Alcohol and Drug Administration Thanks Narconon

Los Angeles Directory of Alcohol and Drug Administration Thanks Narconon President

LAPD Captain thanks Narconon for Drug Education Program

LAPD Captain thanks Narconon for Drug Education Program

LAPD Supports Narconon Drug Educaton Presentations

LAPD Supports Narconon Drug Educaton Presentations

Santa Cruz CA Sherrifs Office Supports Narconon Drug Rehab

Santa Cruz CA Sherrifs Office Supports Narconon Drug Rehab

US Member of Congress

US Member of Congress gives Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition to Narconon of Northern California