State of Idaho Department of Public Assistance

Psychologist Recommends Narconon


October 20, 1972

Dear Mr. Finn,

I was asked by Mark Jones, a friend of mine from Los Angeles, California to send you a letter regarding my experience with Narconon.

While I was in private practice and also working at the same time for the County of Santa Clara as a psychologist, specially with drug problems and drug related problems among adolescents, I had the opportunity to become quite familiar with the Narconon Program and, in fact, used this program in both my private practice and also in my group work at the Mental Health Center in Santa Clara County. I found that this particular approach to dealing with the drug problem was very effective, moreso, than any other program that I had tried; and, in fact, any of the adolescents who continued with the program overcame their drug dependency. This is not only for the non-addictive drugs but also for some hard core heroin addicts.

The Narconon approach to drug problems is to simply take the individual and through various exercises and ‘micro-lab’ techniques, allow him to increase his own ability to confront his problems, his hangups and his environment and at the same time increase his self-determinism.

I can certainly highly recommend this particular approach to drug counseling and I would be happy to answer any questions regarding my affiliations or evaluations of this program if you would care to write.



David M. Cronberg, Ph.D., Psychologist

Eastern Idaho Child Development Center