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On College Campuses Across US Adderall Remains Popular Study Drug For Students

Despite attempts by student health services to filter out the fakers, the abuse of Adderall to enhance a student’s ability to study is as widespread as ever. A few years ago, doctors working with college students began to realize that far more students were using the drug to help them study than were taking it for its intended and approved purposes. There were efforts in some colleges to reduce the number of prescriptions that were given out.

A 2009 article in the Cornell Sun stated that Adderall was thought to be used by 6% of college students. But a 2011 survey published in the journal Addiction reported that on some campuses, as many as 25% of students is abusing Adderall to help them with their studies.

One reason that Adderall remains popular study drug for students is that it helps them concentrate their study time. The amphetamine salts that make up Adderall accelerate the heart rate and increase alertness, enabling a student to put in long hours of continuous study. But there is a cost. The newspaper for the University of Pittsburgh notes that those abusing this drug may suffer:

Irregular heart rate
Chest pain
Increased blood pressure
Severe headache
Blurred vision
Sleep problems to the point of problematic sleep deprivation
Loss of appetite.

Adderall Is Also Addictive

The prescribing information for Adderall is quite clear on this point. A pill containing amphetamine is subject to abuse and is addictive. A student who begins to take this drug too frequently or to use larger doses recreationally can easily become addicted. Instead of helping the student study, the drug can derail the person’s educational plans. Addiction to Adderall, alcohol, marijuana or any drug may require a break from the education and a trip to a drug rehab to get life back on track.

Students have one more risk they should be aware of. If they mix Adderall with other drugs, they risk dangerous interactions. The combination of Adderall with alcohol can have a deadly effect on the central nervous system, a risk that is probably little known on college campuses where alcohol consumption is rampant.

Alcohol Rehab May Be More Critical for Someone Abusing Adderall

Because of this risk, if a person cannot stop abusing Adderall or they cannot stop drinking, they may need alcohol rehab or drug rehab to get them back on track. At Narconon drug and alcohol rehab centers, addictions to both drugs can be overcome.

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehab is a holistic program, meaning that it addresses the whole person: the reasons that person began to drink or abuse drugs, the damage done by that abuse and the skills that person needs to learn to stay sober.

While the phases of the program are the same for each person going through the rehab, each person learns their own reasons for abusing drugs; they are not told the reasons other people had for using them. They work out their own solutions to the problems in their own lives, they are not told what to do about those problems. As one person said when he finished this program, he learned how to live drug-free; he didn’t have other people telling him how to do it. The effect of this long-term program is highly individualistic.

Find out how the Narconon drug and alcohol rehab can be the answer you were looking for.

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Saving a Person from the Destruction of Alcoholism through Alcohol Abuse Rehab

Alcoholism Help

It’s a tragic situation when alcoholism or drugs addiction take over a person’s life. One of the defining characteristics of addiction is that it begins to control a person’s life rather than the person being in control. He or she cannot determine when to drink or do drugs. Instead, the person’s life becomes focused on the next drink, the next injection, smoke or pill.

When this state is reached, everyone suffers. The addict, the spouse, the employer, family, community and other associates. The destruction can and does spread far and wide from just one addict or alcoholic.

Sadly, many people go to conventional drug rehab programs only to relapse into drug or alcohol abuse after release. Real recovery takes more repair and preparation than a 28-day treatment program can offer. Even many longer programs miss some of the points of recovery that are needed.

What is it Like When You do Alcohol Abuse Rehab the Narconon Way?

This innovative program starts with a tolerable withdrawal, supported by generous nutritional supplementation and one-on-one with with Narconon staff. The nutrition begins to calm the body’s reaction to the cessation of drug or alcohol consumption and the gentle reorientation and relaxation processes help calm both the mind and body. This provides a positive beginning to the recovery.

Soon after withdrawal comes the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This is a sauna-based program that employs more nutritional supplementation and moderate exercise to activate the body’s ability to flush out stored toxins. When drugs or alcohol are consumed and then broken down by the body, some residues are attracted to and lodge in the fatty tissues of the body. This phase of the Narconon drug rehab sets up the right conditions for these residues to be flushed out. As they leave, those in recovery regain a better mood and outlook and their cravings drop, sometimes disappearing altogether by their own statements.

Learning New Life Skills as Part of Alcohol Abuse Rehab and Rehabilitation at a Narconon Center

Each person who is going to go out on their own must have the skills to avoid situations that might present too much temptation, and must know how to turn an adverse situation around to a positive one. They must also have a clear personal moral code and must have recovered their own personal integrity in order to succeed. These and many other points of recovery are part of the Narconon alcohol abuse rehab program.

Narconon Programs Can Enhance the Operation of Drug Courts and Other Diversion Programs

In many states, the drug court is a method of helping people avoid one of the worst repercussions of alcohol or drug abuse: incarcerations. Those arrested for non-violent crimes relating to drug or alcohol use are diverted into programs where they are offered a chance to get sober. According to Narconon reviews, these drug rehab programs located across the United States and around the world work hand in hand with a diversionary program like this, helping to return seven out of ten graduates to a lasting sober lifestyle. Narconon centers may be located near you, like Narconon Georgia near Atlanta or one of several rehabs in Italy or Russia. Find out about the Narconon program today.

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