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Neurologists Don’t Think Painkillers Should Be So Common

painkillersOver the course of the past few years, we have seen an explosion in the rate at which doctors in the United States are prescribing prescription painkillers. Medications including hydrocodone (known commonly by the brand name Vicodin) and oxycodone (Oxy Contin and Percocet), are now among the most commonly used pharmaceutical drugs in America, and they are being used by far more people now than they were in the past. Until recently, opioid painkillers were reserved almost exclusively for cases in which the enormous risk of abuse and addiction was outweighed by the severity of the patient’s condition and the likelihood that the patient would not live long enough for addiction to be an issue. Continue reading

Narconon New Life Takes Part in Prescription Take Back Day

prescription drugsAs we moved into the final days of September this year, nearly 4,000 law enforcement agencies around the United States were getting ready. It wasn’t for any type of anticipated spike in crime rates, for training or any of the other usual situations that we expect to see the police preparing for. Instead, thousands upon thousands of law enforcement officers were finalizing their plans for taking part in the Prescription Drug Take Back Day on the 27th of September, an event sponsored by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Continue reading

Narconon Highlights Goals of Substance Abuse Prevention Month

drug preventionSeptember was National Recovery Month, an event with a history that dates back 25 years. National Recovery Month is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and it has gained the support of thousands of organizations involved in prevention, treatment and recovery from substance abuse and addiction. More recently, National Recovery Month has been joined on the calendar by National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, which now occurs in October of every year. The new event was launched in 2011 when President Obama issued a proclamation to designate the month of October for its observance and of the themes and messages it is intended to spread. Continue reading

Narconon Redwood Cliffs Delivers Drug Prevention Material to Monterey County Fair

county fairNarconon Redwood Cliffs participated at the Monterey County Fair over Labor Day weekend with a drug education and prevention booth. They were among the many organizations and vendors that set up shop on the 22-acre Monterey County Fair & Event Center, a beautiful outdoor setting with the iconic California oak trees situated only a short distance from downtown Monterey and the Pacific ocean. The Monterey County Fair is part of a tradition dating back to 1935, and over the past eight decades the venue has hosted musical acts ranging from Duke Ellington to Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana and more. The fair is a major event on the yearly calendar for the community in Monterey County and the surrounding areas, and people flock from far and wide to spend a fun-filled weekend with friends and family. All told, there are usually around 75,000 people who attend the Monterey County Fair, making it one of the largest public events in the region every year. Continue reading

Narconon New Life Program Contributes to Animal Shelter

dogThis August, the West Feliciana Animal Humane Society in St. Francisville, Louisiana hosted a fundraising event in support of the James L. “Bo” Bryant Animal Shelter in that town. Staff from the Narconon New Life Retreat, located in the nearby town of Denham Springs, were on hand at the event, including Cathy Steiner, the CEO of the Narconon center. “I have loved animals my whole life and have always had animals as part of my family with most of those animals being strays who needed a home,” said Steiner. “Supporting an animal shelter allows me to help even more animals since I can’t take them all home!” Continue reading

New Informational Resource Released by Narconon in Observance of National Recovery Month

recoveryIn September of every year, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration sponsors National Recovery Month. President Obama heralded the 2014 edition of National Recovery Month with a proclamation at the end of August, in which he praised the “courageous men and women” who every day “take the first step toward reclaiming their lives from substance abuse disorders.” He cites the fact that more than 20 million people in the United States suffer from substance abuse disorders, but underscores the fact that “recovery is possible.” Something can, indeed, be done about the problems of substance abuse and addiction. Narconon is fully on board with the goals of National Recovery Month, and is one of many groups and organizations who are participating in the event, which is now in its 25th year of annual observance. This year’s edition carries the theme “Join the Voices for Recovery: Speak Up, Reach Out.” In keeping with this theme, Narconon has released a new online information resource which is aimed at helping people reach out to their friends and family members who may be struggling with substance abuse and who need assistance in recovering and getting sober. Continue reading

Addiction, Barriers to Recovery Explained in Narconon Booklet

Mechanics Of AddictionNarconon Arrowhead, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation and education center located in Oklahoma, recently released its booklet, The Life Cycle and Mechanics of Addiction.  Authored by the center’s Executive Director and long-time professional in the field of drug rehabilitation and education, Gary W. Smith, the booklet explains the Three Barriers to Recovery which the addict must overcome to successfully reclaim his or her life from addiction. Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Observes Family Fun Month

family funFamily is one of the most important aspects of drug addiction. It is one of the aspects of life that suffers the most while a person is suffering from addiction, as the addict’s relationships with parents, children, siblings and spouses steadily deteriorate. A person who falls into the trap of addiction will often be heard lamenting the fact that his or her substance abuse has cost the trust and happiness that they once enjoyed in the home. Family is also one of the strongest magnets that pull a person back from the brink of ruin, giving an addict the encouragement and incentive to decide to quit and make it through rehab to a recovery. Continue reading

Survey Says High School Athletes More At Risk for Prescription Abuse Problems

empty school roomAmerica is waking up to the fact that our nation has a serious problem with prescription drug abuse. Painkillers such as Vicodin and OxyContin, powerful medications once reserved to provide relief for cancer patients and those with terminal illnesses, are now among the most commonly prescribed drugs. These shockingly addictive drugs are now killing more people every year through overdose than both heroin and cocaine combined. In addition to the approximately 17,000 Americans who now die annually from painkiller overdose, several hundred thousand more are suffering from problems with abuse and addiction to the medications. Continue reading

New Life Narconon Takes Part in Alcohol Prevention Program

alcohol preventionAlcoholic drinks are legal and widely available throughout most of the United States, but that doesn’t mean that they’re safe to use. While most adults will occasionally kick back during the summer and drink a few beers or glasses of wine, they also need to realize that those very drinks are responsible for 3.3 million deaths around the world every year.

If that figure is surprising, it shouldn’t be. Alcohol is a poison. That’s how our bodies treat it, anyway. When someone drinks alcohol, her body immediately starts being damaged by this toxic substance. The body will also immediately go to work trying to process the alcohol out in order to keep itself safe. With only a few drinks, that person’s awareness, motor control and reaction time will start to drop. With more drinks, the person can completely pass out. Continue reading