40 Years of Narconon Outcome Evidence


Compilation of 40 years of studies and review of the NARCONON® program with evidence and statistics of recovery.

INTRODUCTION: Since the very beginning of the Narconon network, various doctors, researchers and others have observed and studied the Narconon program and its outcomes. Here you will find supporting evidence of Narconon program results from many different venues, 1972-2009, inside and outside jail, helping men, women, and juveniles recover their lives. (To view the 40 years charts, click here -- pdf 1.13MB)

Specific Case Studies and Evaluations: From most recent to earliest

October 2013

Narconon Eslov Routine Outcome Monitoring Survey 2010-2012

Narconon Eslov routine outcome monitoring cover

President of Narconon Intl. Clark Carr presents the Eslov outcome results.
Video presentation about this new outcome survey

September 2013

Peer Reviewed Paper on Routine Outcome Monitoring

routine outcome monitoring paper on Narconon Arrowhead

President Clark Carr presenting the ROM paper.
Video presentation about this new outcome study

March 2013

40 Years of Evidence of Recovery

40 Years Evidence Recovery

View study (pdf 1.13 MB)



2006 Narconon Arrowhead ROM Summary Analysis

2006-07 Arrowhead outcome graphs

View video on results


2005 Utah Juvenile Narconon Program Study

View Utah Juvenile Court Case Study


2001 Ensenada rehab program study

2001 Ensenada recidivism reduction graph

View video on study

Read Analysis of Results of the Segunda Oportunidad Program


Moscow expertise on the Narconon program -- 1998

Moscow Expertise on the Narconon Rehab Program


1978 Narconon Connecticut Drug Rehabilitation Program Evaluation

View Connecticut Drug Rehabilitation Program Evaluation


1972 Narconon Arizona Graduates Report

Video on this report

View Narconon Arizona Graduates Report


March 1975 Delaware Correctional Center Case Study

View video on this case study

View Delaware Correctional Center Case Study

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