Narconon Receives State of California Legislative Commendation

Narconon Receives California Legislative Commendation

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Los Angeles, California

September 12, 1974

Narconon Receives Commendation

California State Legislature has commended Narconon, a non-profit organization, for its fight against drug and alcohol abuse.

Commendation, a resolution by the Legislature, was presented by Assemblyman Frank Holoman (D-65th District) at the National Conference on Public Action and Social Reform.

Narconon was founded at the Arizona State Prison in 1966 by William Benitez, an inmate. Benitez believed that the ideas and methods put forward by American philosopher L. Ron Hubbard can be used in the area of substance abuse.

Narconon offers programs in prisons, youth facilities, schools, and local “halfway houses”.

Narconon Los Angeles’ “halfway house” is New Life, in the downtown area.

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