The Primary Classes of Synthetics and the Risks of Abusing Them


Strong stimulants that are chemically similar to (but much stronger than) _khat, _a plant that grows in Eastern Africa. Drugs in this category are often sold as “bath salts.” Bath salts are not usually made from just one drug but often contain a variety of chemicals. Use of bath salts is associated with bizarre, homicidal, paranoid or suicidal behavior.

Well-known chemicals in this category:

  • Mephedrone
  • MDPV
  • Flephedone
  • Methylone

Packaging may carry labels like Bliss, White Dove, Vanilla Sky and similar names.

The Health Risks of Cathinones


Because of the delusional, homicidal or suicidal behavior of some people who have used this drug, a person may come to serious harm. Some people have killed themselves or others while high on this drug. Due to hallucinations, they had no idea what was really happening around them or who was an enemy.

These are very strong stimulants which means the heart speeds up and the blood vessels constrict, resulting in heavy stress on the heart. Some users arrive in emergency rooms with chest pains. Excessively fast heart rates and overheating can terminate in death.

Some people experience what is called “excited delirium” which is an intensely overstimulated state that brings about dehydration and breakdown of muscle tissue. A person will be incoherent, combative and agitated and be unresponsive to help or directions. Disintegrated muscle tissue material can flood the kidneys with toxins and cause them to fail. The liver or the heart may also fail. Body temperature can soar to 105 degrees or higher. A person suffering from excited delirium can die even when treated promptly.



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