Narconon Italy History 2003

Gabbiano, Italy Drug Rehab

Italy is one of the most active countries in Europe, in terms of the number of Narconon drug rehabilitation and prevention groups running.

Narconon Gabbiano is the largest center in Italy. With an average of 45 students on the program at any one time, they graduated 48 students to drug-free lives and grew to 33 staff.

The year 2003 marked the first time they received approval from the court for an inmate to go on the Narconon drug recovery program.

Narconon Gabbiano also participated in the second Drug-Free Music Day that was held in its city, Torre dell’Orso. The Narconon executives and staff were acknowledged during the event for all their good work and results in drug rehabilitation and drug prevention.

Narconon Albatros, in the region of Calabria, celebrated its 12th anniversary. In June, Narconon Astore celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Narconon Alfiere received an acceptance letter from the Commander of Florence’s Carabinieri Police for its dedicated work in the battle against drugs.

Narconon Mediterraneo in Seville, Spain was the fastest growing European Narconon center in 2003. They have 25 staff members and average 40 students on the rehab program at any one time. In 2003, they added 34 drug-free citizens to their community.

At Narconon Los Molinos in Madrid, they averaged 20 students at a time throughout 2003 but because this fills up every bed in the facility, they began to look for a larger building.

In Lombardia, far to the North in Italy, Narconon gained official recognition from the government of the region. Narconon staff were authorized to train people to deliver the Narconon drug education curriculum plus they were authorized as well to apply for government funding for their anti-drug programs.