President of Conners State College Oklahoma Commends Narconon

President Conners Oklahoma College Commends Narconon

Connors State College
President’s Office
Warner/Muskogee Warner, Oklahoma

February 24, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Narconon is a valuable partner in our community. Their services of providing life-saving drug rehabilitation and prevention has proven to be crucial in reshaping the lives of many people. Their presence is appreciated and acknowledged in educating residents of the detrimental effect of substance abuse.

Since coming to the area, the staff has been very proactive in collaborating with other agencies in building relationships which will assist individuals in making rational and healthy decisions. We look forward to being a major player in their ongoing strategic development as related to community, state and national outreach.

We commend their efforts to serve our community and applaud their success stories of rehabilitation and self-gratification. Our support and expertise are available to assist in their endeavor to serve the citizens of Oklahoma.



Donnie L. Nero, Ed. D.