Congressman Commends Narconon

US Congressman Commends Narconon

Congress of the United States House of Representatives

Ronald V. Dellums, 7th District California

24 April 1973

Mr. Greg Zernowich
4955 Desmond Street
Oakland, CA 94608

Dear Mr. Zernowich:

I would like to offer this letter to express my enthusiastic endorsement of the narcotics rehabilitation program operated by Narconon. Having had the opportunity to discuss and study the very unique aspects of this program, I sincerely believe that it has developed a comprehensive approach to the problem of addiction, which, if widely accepted, would represent the first substantial attack on this problem to be mounted in this country. I am particularly impressed with the manner in which the Narconon concept extends itself to those areas of institutional life that are most frequently neglected in the development of social programs, namely the Armed Services and the prison. As supplements to the residential programs, it is my opinion that these additional thrusts carry the rehabilitation programs to an area of human activity that desperately needs to be reached if problems are to be met before they contribute to the burdens already borne by existing programs in urban areas.

There are other aspects of Narconon which I regard as equally remarkable, but which I will not elaborate on here, such as the emphasis upon helping the individual cope with his environment by focusing upon the building of adequate self images, and developing a realistic evaluation of his role as an individual and his responsibilities as a component of the social structure. The fact that many outstanding citizens have volunteered to serve with your organization as members of your Board of Directors and as volunteers in the program is further evidence that you are working effectively and imaginatively to deal with the serious problems of narcotics addiction in this society. I commend you for your efforts, and pledge my good offices to do whatever is within our ability to assist you in any way possible.



Ronald V. Dellums
Member of Congress