European Parliamentary Assembly Supports Narconon

Europe Parliamentary Assembly Supports Narconon

Drug-free future for the children of Europe

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly

Doc. 9691

30 January 2003

Written Declaration No 342

This written declaration commits only the members who have signed it

Many children and teenagers in the member states of the Council of Europe are today heavily affected by illegal drugs and the situation is rapidly getting worse and is destroying families and other parts of the society.

Narconon (drug free treatment) has been saving lives in Europe for over thirty years and saved thousands of drug addicts with the drug rehabilitation technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

Narconon Drug Prevention programs have proven for many years that these programs in schools can prevent thousands of young people from starting to take drugs. This is done with understandable education. The main purpose of this is that the individual receives a clear understanding of the horrible consequences of drug abuse. Former drug addicts (now drug free) with their own experience and reality of drug abuse often do the lectures.

An anti-drug campaign called “Drug-free future for the children of Europe” has now been established, reaching from Spain to Russia and from Italy to Sweden, in most of the Council of Europe member states with the purpose to create a safe environment for our children.

The campaign co-operates with similar organisations and seeks to extend these actions to form a broad opposition to drug abuse.

The undersigned, members of the Assembly, support this initiative.


Mollazade, Azerbaijan, LDR

Akcam, Turkey, EPP

Akselsen, Norway, SOC

Apostoli, Albania, SOC

Baska, Slovakia, SOC

Beres, Slovakia, LDR

Berisha, Albania, EPP

Biga-Friganovic, Croatia, SOC

Cavusoglu M., Turkey, EDG

Daly, Ireland, LDR

Feric-Vac, Croatia, SOC

Gunduz I. Turkey, EPP

Gunduz S., Turkey, LDR

Haraldsson, Iceland, LDR

Higgins, Ireland, EPP

Janssen van Raaij, Netherlands, NR

Juric, Croatia, LDR

Kirilov, Bulgaria, SOC

Kovalev S., Russia, LDR

Skrabalo, Croatia, LDR

Torrado, Spain, SOC

Truu, Estonia, EDG

Yanez-Barnuevo, Spain, SOC

Total = 23

SOC: Socialist Group

EPP: Group of the European People’s Party

EDG: European Democratic Group

LDR: Liberal, Democratic and Reformers’ Group

UEL: Group of the Unified European Left

NR: not registered in a group