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Narconon Locations Worldwide

Since opening its doors in 1966 the Narconon program has been dedicated to saving as many lives as possible from the devastation of addiction. Because of this and the fact that the program works and gets results with any type of substance abuse problem more and more Narconon locations have been established across the United States and the world.

Narconon is a world-wide solution for handling drug abuse. Seven out of ten graduates stay permanently clean and sober after treatment. The success with the methodology is higher than most other types of rehabilitation available. And the geographic location of the drug user should not be a reason to not do the Narconon program.

Worldwide Narconon Locations

Locations For Narconon In The United States:

Narconon currently has 100 locations in more than 30 different countries. One of the primary areas for Narconon centers is in the United States where the program began. Narconon initially started in Arizona State Penitentiary with its central office located in Phoenix, Arizona. The first residential Narconon program started in Los Angeles, California in 1972.

Narconon now has several locations in the United States including:

Narconon Arrowhead

Narconon Arrowhead—this is our largest residential program that has over 100 dedicated staff and services nearly 200 clients at a time consistently producing the largest numbers of drug–free lives.

Narconon Vista Bay—with three locations, Narconon Vista Bay is one of the most successful Narconon programs available. The locations for the program cater to an individual's environmental needs and include facilities in Santa Cruz, South Lake Tahoe and Placerville.

Narconon San Diego—located in Warner Springs, California this organization has been there since 1966 and is called "A New Life Program."

In addition to the many facilities in the state of California, Narconon also operates two drug prevention groups including Friends of Narconon as well as the Narconon Drug Prevention and Education Program in California which help to educate youth and adults alike with videos as well as live prevention presentations.

Narconon Colorado

Narconon Colorado—located in Fort Collins, Narconon Colorado is at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is one of the best places in the world to start one's life over through treatment.

Narconon Nevada—nestled outside of the business of Las Vegas, Narconon Nevada is also called the Rainbow Canyon Retreat. It is in a very secluded and safe location for treatment.

Narconon South Texas—Harlingen, Texas is the location for Narconon South Texas. This Narconon center is located in the Rio Grande Valley only 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and offers both Spanish and English treatment options.

Narconon Hawaii—On the island of Oahu, near Honolulu, Narconon Hawaii is a drug prevention program to help those on the island and across the world to get the unvarnished facts on addiction and drugs.

Narconon Spring Hill—Just north of Tampa, Narconon Spring Hill is known as Suncoast Rehabilitation Center. Started just a few years ago the facility holds many events for clients and offers top of the line services to those enrolled in treatment.

Narconon of Georgia—The Narconon Georgia program is an outpatient facility located in Norcross, Georgia. The founder, Mary Rieser helps each student to develop their own sense of ethics and personal responsibility to aid in their recovery.

Narconon Riverbend

Narconon Louisiana—Also called Narconon Riverbend Retreat, this facility is located on acreage that allows for a quiet and serene experience where clients can enjoy living spaces, recreation and lounging areas during their treatment.

Narconon Freedom Center—The 58,000 square foot building for Narconon Freedom Center sits on 10 acres which are ideal for those in treatment. The location has wings for both males and females.

Narconon also operates a drug education and prevention program in New England.

International Narconon Locations

Narconon not only has many locations in the US but across the world in many different countries. Directly north of the United States are the Narconon programs in Canada.

Canadian Narconon locations:

Narconon Vancouver Drug Education

Narconon Vancouver—this is a drug prevention and referral group that has saved thousands of lives.

Narconon also has a great presence around the rest of the world including in Latin America.

Latin America Narconon Locations:

Narconon Columbia—This center delivers treatment outside of Santa Fe de Bogota.

Narconon Mexico—Located in Celaya which is outside of Mexico City, this facility has been helping people for nearly 15 years in an area where treatment is most needed because of the ongoing drug war.

Narconon Navajoa

Narconon Navajoa—Situated in the state of Sonora, this government sponsored program has been providing services since 2005.&

Narconon Argentina—Began as a drug education program in 2002, and soon opened the rehabilitation facility in the Buenos Aires area.

Narconon Tijuana—Opened in 2012, this center services people throughout Mexico as well as Spanish speaking people from the U.S.

The Narconon program also has a strong presence in Europe.

Narconon Europe Locations:

  • Narconon United Kingdom that started in 1975.
  • Narconon Switzerland that has two centers.
  • Narconon Sweden RehabNarconon Sweden that was started in 1972 and is now located in the southern region as Narconon Eslov. Later, two drug prevention and education groups opened; Narconon Vasteras and Narconon Gothenburg.
  • Narconon Spain opened in 1983 with three centers, Narconon Los Molinos, Narconon Tenerife and Narconon Mediterraneo.
  • Narconon Denmark that was opened in 1986 and is located in Skellingsted.
  • Narconon Germany—their first center opened in 1989 and currently the facility is in the Bavaria region.
  • Narconon Holland—First opened in Amsterdam to handle the ongoing drug problems the present location is Narconon Zutphen. The facility has been in operation for 20 years.
  • Narconon Israel—A center north of Tel Aviv, providing the program in both English and Hebrew.
  • There is also a Narconon center located in the Commonwealth of Independent states called Narconon Moscow. The original facility opened in 1994 with Narconon Dimitrovgrad, Narconon Ekaterinburg, Narconon Standard, Narconon South, Narconon St. Petersburg and Narconon Kiev in Ukraine following.
  • Narconon Balkan - opened in Macedonia in 2012 and provides drug education in schools as well as rehab program.
  • Narconon Hungary - has been providing drug education throughout the country since 2002. In 2007 they opened an out-patient rehab center and in 2010 a residential drug rehab center in Novgrad.
Narconon Saves Lives

As a special place, there is also Narconon Italy with more centers than any other country in the world and more than 4,000 graduates. Italy had its first program open in Lombardy in 1981. Since then the country has opened several other centers.

Narconon Albatros Rehab

Calabria Region - Narconon Albatros, Narconon La Fenice and Narconon Il Falco

Puglia—Narconon Il Gabbiano

Marche—Narconon Alfiere and Narconon Astore

Sicily—Narconon Grifone

The programs in Italy not only deliver effective drug rehabilitation but also do massive outreach for drug prevention and education throughout the country.

In Asia Narconon Taiwan was opened with the help of the Taiwanese government and Buddhist community. Narconon Nepal also opened in 2004 by the former Katmandu Chief of Police.   In addition they deliver drug education all over Nepal while reaching millions through radio and other media throughout the world.

Narconon Melbourne Rehab

On the African continent, there are also several locations for Narconon which include Narconon Cape Town that is located in Moorresburg, South Africa.

There is also a Narconon program in Australia. Narconon Melbourne was started as the "Get Off Drugs Naturally" program in 1997 and became a full residential center in Warburton shortly after.

Even with all our current Narconon locations, we are still expanding. There will be plans over the coming weeks, months and years to open many more Narconon locations in the United States and across the world.

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