Drug Rehab for Thornton, Colorado

Families and friends despair to see a loved one destroy his or her life when addicted to drugs. An addict is driven by cravings that are overwhelming, resulting in loss of values, integrity and self-esteem. Drug abuse often leads to illness and even death. It becomes a vital necessity to locate a drug rehab that can provide the addict with lasting sobriety and able to look forward to a happy and rewarding future. With a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center only a few miles away from Thornton, a solution is finally at hand.

Narconon Colorado in Fort Collins is a residential center with comfortable accommodations that offers lasting relief from drug addiction. With a 70% success rate, the Narconon program achieves lasting recovery for those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Narconon’s Services Proof an Addict Against Relapse

Although many addicts look forward to withdrawal with fear, there is no need to fear withdrawal at Narconon. Nutritional support helps the body withstand the stresses of the withdrawal process, and staff carefully monitor the recovering addict during the procedure. They provide unique relaxation techniques that ease the aches and pains. Reorientation exercises assist the person in achieving a new view of his future without drugs. Unlike most conventional rehabilitation center, no drugs are administered during withdrawal or treatment at a Narconon center.

Besides a drugless withdrawal, Narconon’s alternative treatment addresses the factors that could lead to relapse so a truly drug-free life becomes a reality. A thorough detoxification process removes harmful drug residues from the body, and special courses teach a recovering addict how to cope with the challenges of life once back home.

Preparing a Recovering Addict for a Life without Drugs

The Narconon New Life Detoxification is an innovative detox that removes stored drug residues from the system. Not all drugs leave the body after drug use. They become lodged in the fatty tissues of the body and are involved in triggering drug cravings as well as causing foggy and muddled thinking. Employing a program of moderate exercise, time in a low-heat sauna and nutritional supplements, these toxins are flushed from the body, leaving a recovering addict feeling brighter, cleaner and refreshed. Many who complete the Narconon New Life Detoxification state that drug cravings are gone.

Another phase of the Narconon program consists of an education in living a productive and happy life without drugs. Many abilities are destroyed in the lifestyle of addiction, and Narconon’s Life Skills Courses repair and restore the skills needed to live a drug-free life. An example of one of the courses is the Ups and Downs in Life Course. This one teaches a student how to make the correct decisions in regard to relationships, so that he is able to avoid those people who would possibly lead him back into a life of drug abuse.

Effective Drug Rehab in Thornton Means Saving Addicted Lives

Besides having personal values and self-respect obliterated in a life of addiction, the addict experiences physical trauma from the drugs consumed and a dangerous lifestyle. This can lead to various ills that can be life threatening. Colorado reports state that drug-related emergency room visits for those aged 18 to 24 were higher than other age groups. To have so many young people needing hospital care due to drug use is devastating, and requires concerted effort to get provide any addict with lasting sobriety.

A holistic approach to drug rehab provides an addict with the way to truly come off drugs or alcohol and to lead a happy and productive new life. When looking for drug recovery programs for Thornton, find out all the advantages of Narconon. Contact Narconon today.