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Drug Alcohol Rehabs

Drug and alcohol rehabs exist in every corner of the world. Some countries have massive operations to rehabilitate drug users and others have the most minute of resources. In the US, there are more than 10,000 drug or alcohol rehabs listed with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. In France there are more than 250 facilities; in Germany, more than 1,500 although there are an additional 7,500 self help groups.

In Ghana, there were 823 addicts being treated in four psychiatric hospitals, according to the US Department of State in 2011, and in China, there were 81 rehabilitation facilities recently established to deal with rising numbers of addicted people, but these facilities were huge, averaging a capacity of nearly 300 people.

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The need for drug and alcohol rehabs is pervasive, reaching into every stratum and corner of society. Addiction does not care about race or income, IQ or religion. Addiction can arrive by accident, as when a person becomes addicted to a prescription drug they started out using properly, until the body developed a tolerance and they needed more just to keep the pain away. And it can arrive uninvited, as when a person just thinks they can enjoy themselves a little more with a little Ecstasy or methamphetamine or crack cocaine. After a few uses, it's a steady resident, uninvited but there to stay. At least until help is found at an effective drug or alcohol rehab.

But success rates vary at different drug and alcohol rehab programs. In some circles, 10% to 20% is the best they can do. And so the philosophy that "relapse is part of recovery" is used to explain that this is the best they can do.

This is not the viewpoint at Narconon drug and alcohol rehabs. At a Narconon facility, the expectation is that seven out of ten graduates will stay clean and sober after they return home -- because this has been the typical success rate at Narconon centers for many years.

Lasting Recovery

It's been found that when a person has a chance to address the major reasons addiction is so hard to get rid of -- namely, guilt, cravings and depression -- then it is possible to find lasting recovery. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabs are built around a multi-faceted approach to eliminating these factors from a person's life.

Narconon programs are long-term programs that offer a program that addresses a person's perception of their current environment, residual toxicity resulting from past drug or alcohol use, the knowledge of how to perceive who will lead one into trouble and who will not, and many other life skills that lead to a drug-free future. There is even a comprehensive non-denominational moral code taught that enables one to see the pluses and minuses of past behavior and provides an accurate guide for future decisions.>

With its high success rate, the Narconon program has proved to be the drug or alcohol rehab solution for tens of thousands of people around the world, stretching back more than forty years.

If you are seeking a drug or alcohol rehab with an excellent success rate and intelligently-designed protocol, contact Narconon International to locate the center nearest you. Call 800-775-8750 today.

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