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Narconon Vista Bay drug rehab center

Narconon Vista Bay is different than any other drug recovery program offered. Drug addicts are not regarded as too far gone to recover; they’re merely people who require the knowledge and technology to break free from their addictions once and for all.

We are not in favor of the “disease model” (the notion that addiction is a disease), nor are we a 12-step program. Our program is about giving a person his POWER back, and showing that person that he has the power within himself to positively alter the course of his life. Furthermore, we do not treat a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol with other chemicals. We use a healthy, contemporary method of rehabilitation.

Why is Narconon Vista Bay’s success rate so high?

  • Extended length of treatment
  • Thorough Sauna Detoxification
  • Comprehensive educational courses
  • Realistic relapse-prevention strategies for Graduates

Our distinctive drug and alcohol treatment education is very effective. Our purpose is to guarantee that our graduates remain drug-free and live joyful, fruitful lives. Graduates of Narconon Vista Bay usually do not have the urge to use drugs again and are able to re-enter their lives confidently with the self-control to achieve their dreams without the drag of a persisting urge to use drugs. We get rid of that urge.

By March of 2011, 1500 people had graduated the Narconon Vista Bay program.

Most recovery programs are 28 days. The reason they are 28 days is because 28 days is the most many insurance companies will pay for recovery. At Narconon Vista Bay we are confident that it takes longer than this to overcome years of drug or alcohol abuse. This takes into account the physical and mental toll that accompanies it. At Narconon Vista Bay there is no time limit. It takes as long as it takes.

Students graduate from our program when they have experienced and completed the full recovery process that has been uniquely designed to fit their personal needs. This typically lasts between 3-6 months. The price is the same if a person finishes our program in 3 months or 6 months. Upon attesting our program, graduates are given all-inclusive relapse-prevention strategies that offer an ongoing, custom-made support network.

At Narconon Vista Bay, we are not devoted to our bottom line. We are devoted to ensuring that our recovery program successfully gives clients the tools they need to live happy, successful, and productive lives.

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