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Drug Rehabilitation Center - Taiwan

Narconon Taiwan

narconon taiwan drug rehab center
Drug Rehabilitation Center
No. 3, Dong-Hai Second St
Ji-An Township, Hua-Lian County
Taiwan 973

Phone: 88638671369
Fax: 88638671147

Website: Drug Rehab Center Taiwan -

After a successful demonstration of the Narconon drug rehab program with heroin-addicted inmates of Taipei Jail, which was carried out with the cooperation and support of the government, the Buddhist community and individual citizens, two staff were sent to train at the Narconon International Training Center in Oklahoma.   During their study and internships, Narconon drug education presentations were delivered throughout Taiwan along with participation in major nationally televised events. Upon the return of Taiwan's first trained Narconon staff, the first Narconon Taiwan residential center was opened in quarters shared with a Buddhist temple, in collaboration with the Chinese Youth Buddhists Association Foundation.

Narconon Taiwan is now located in Ji-An Township.

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