Nearly Five Decades of Saving Lives

40 years of evidence of recovery studies

The Narconon Program has one of the highest success rates in the field of drug rehabilitation, with outside studies showing the great majority of the graduates going on to lead stable, ethical, productive drug-free lives. These results are hard earned by the students, addressing many factors of one's life, both physical and mental. It is this success that has led to the large expansion of the Narconon network over the past 47 years.

The Narconon drug prevention program has also been shown to be highly effective in raising young people's perception of risk regarding drugs. We have hundreds of thousands of student evaluations demonstrating this change, including many statements that they will no longer use drugs now that they understand the real effects and dangers.

Our results have been documented by numerous reviews, studies and white papers on the various components of both our drug rehab and drug prevention programs.

Narconon results consist of more than just being drug-free. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides a well-rounded description of the desirable results of rehabilitation. SAMHSA states that in addition to being drug-free, a person would ideally be gainfully employed, in school or both; they would have positive relationships with family and friends; they should not be involved in criminal activity; and they should generally make healthy choices.

The Narconon program is very specifically designed to bring about these exact results and many others that are just as desirable.

In the early stages of the program, a person in recovery is normally focused just on coming back from the blindness and oblivion of heavy drug abuse. Each person gets help with reduction of cravings and return of brighter perceptions in the early steps of the program. Improvements in these areas unlock a person's ability to learn the skills he will need to stay sober. When he is immersed in the sharp cravings and dim perceptions that are so common when a person walks in the door, it is hard to learn anything useful.

In this later section of the rehab program, a person learns vital skills like these:

  • How to differentiate between a dangerous associate who will lead one back into drug abuse and a friend who can be trusted

  • How to recover and maintain one's own personal integrity and self-respect

  • How to solve problems in life and not be unstabilized by setbacks or disappointments

  • How to make the right moral choices, based on an understanding of the way that good survival creates true happiness for self and others.

With the achievement of these skills, it is a simple matter for a Narconon graduate to satisfy the criteria established by SAMHSA. For a Narconon graduate, it will normally just feel like he (or she) is just enjoying a sober, productive life after graduation.

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