Drug Counselor Training Class

Monday Reporter

CSUN Associated Students October 20, 1975

Narconon Sponsors Drug Counselor Training Class

A class to train drug counselors is being taught at the Experimental College (EC) this fall on Monday nights at 7 in Sierra Hall South 330. The course is sponsored by Narconon, a rehabilitation center in Los Angeles.

According to Kathy Burke, instructor at the ED and employee of Narconon, addicts are detoxicated with a painless and drug free method involving vitamins and getting to the basic reasons that a person decides to take drugs.

“Drugs aren’t a problem,” Burke says, “they are merely a solution to a problem. Well, Narconon is also a solution to a problem - and this is what we are going to convey in course class this semester.”

The class is designed to enhance community awareness of drug abuse and train counselors. Most of the staff are ex-convicts and ex-addicts.

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