Narconon Attacks Area Heroin Use

Narconon Heroin Use Area



Serving Alderwood, Long Branch, Mimico and New Toronto

The Lakeshore News, January 5, 1972

A Toronto anti-drug group called Narconon is preparing to move into the Etobicoke-Lakeshore area in an attempt to stop “hard core drug and heroin users.”

Phil McAiney, Narconon deputy director Canada, told The News that heroin use is becoming a problem of such proportions that officials are in a quandary as to how to stop the traffic in drugs.

“Last year in Toronto, police figures stated there were about 100 heroin users but now they say we have 1,000,” Mr. McAiney said Monday.

That is a conservative figure. We estimate it more around 3,000 and this use of heroin is spreading to the suburbs. No doubt about it.”

Mr. McAiney said Narconon was launched in Toronto a year ago and now has a staff of 10.

Mr. McAiney said Narconon is a “drugless” program which tries to instill confidence which “allows people to cope with personal problems by introducing a sense of self-assurance about the present and an ability to better handle the world around them.”

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