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Drug Rehabilitation Centers
Latin America

Rehabilitacion de las drogas

In 1996, Narconon Colombia officially began full Narconon drug rehab program delivery in a center on the outskirts of Santa Fe de Bogota. Narconon Mexico in Queretero, north of Mexico City, opened its doors for full delivery in March of 1998.

Narconon Tijuana in Mexico, was opened in October 2012 to provide rehabilitation services in Spanish to adult men. In 2014, services for addicted women were added. This opening followed the use of the Narconon First Step Program to support those in withdrawal.

Narconon Tijuana Opens Women's Rehab Center

Drug Rehabilitation - Mexico

mexico drug rehab center in queretero

Narconon Mexico
El Centro de la Nueva Vida A.C.
Carr. Libre a Celaya-Queretaro KM. 37.5
Apaseo el Grande, Guanajuato
C.P 38192 Mexico

Phone: 52 (413) 16-03-192
Phone: 52 (448) 27-50-166
Website: Drug Rehabilitation Center - Mexico

Narconon Tijuana rehab facility

Narconon Tijuana
Centro de Rehabilitacion
Calle 16 de Septiembre No 2003
Fracc. La Gloria Tijuana
Baja California, Mexico

Phone: (52) 664-636-2118
Website: Narconon Tijuana Rehab Center

Narconon Cuerpo Sano Novojoa

Narconon Cuerpo Sano
Centro de Rehabilitacion Navojoa
Av. ETCHOJOA #36 Colonia Sonora
Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico
Phone: (52) 642-439-0948
Phone: (52) 642-421-4494 | 1-80 561-3384

Narconon Cancun

Narconon Cancun
Centro de Rehabilitacion
Calle 79 Nte Reg 92 Mza 24 Casa 8
Quintana Roo Cancun
77516 Mexico

Phone: +52 (998) 260-5123
Phone: +52 (998) 840-1011
Website: Narconon Cancun Rehab Center

Drug Rehab - Colombia

colombia drug rehab center, Bogota

Narconon Colombia
Drug Rehabilitation Center
Km. 2 Via el Triunfo
Finca Terranova
Mesitas del Colegio Cundinamarca, Colombia

Phone: (571) 311-226-4472
Phone: (571) 311-228-0643
Website: Drug Rehabilitation Center - Colombia

Narconon Tijuana rehab facility

Narconon Pereira
Centro de rehabilitacion
Kilometro 5
Via Marsella,
FincaVilla Yesica, Pereira
Risaralda, Colombia

Phone: (57) 318-296-8222

Drug Rehab - Argentina

Narconon Tijuana rehab facility

Narconon Argentina
Drug Rehabilitation Center
Del Barco Centenera 984
C.P. 1642 San Isidro
Provincia de Buenos Aires

Phone and fax: 54 11 4743 8003

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