Mayor of Watsonville, California Commends Narconon

Mayor Watsonville California Commends Narconon


Narconon Vista Bay

February 24, 2012

WHEREAS, for the past 46 years the Narconon Program has been producing drug free lives; and

WHEREAS, William Benitez founded the Narconon Program in 1966 while residing in the Arizona State Prison as a recovering heroin addict and was inspired after reading some of the works of humanitarian and author L. Ron Hubbard and began helping his fellow man, developing the technology now used in over 44 countries worldwide today; and

WHEREAS, Narconon Vista Bay opened its doors in 1992 in the Santa Cruz mountains as a facility with minimal capacity and now includes three centers throughout Northern California and provides effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation to a residential population of over a hundred and fifty on a daily basis; and

WHEREAS, Narconon Vista Bay has refined and honed the process to a degree never before seen in the rehabilitation community, achieving an astonishing 76 % success rate, since its inception they have helped 1,744 people, turn away from drugs, alcohol, violence and other bad habits; and

WHEREAS, Narconon Vista Bay maintains the belief that preventing the abuse of drugs and alcohol through the proper education of our youth regarding the harmful effects of drugs stands as one of the most promising paths to a drug free world, while providing this education to high schools and middle schools throughout northern California, totaling over 35,000 kids to date; and

WHEREAS, though continued results found in their rehabilitation facilities, their continued outreach it has helped people worldwide improve their health, purify their mind, deepen their understanding of life and humanity, and bring the goal of a drug free world closer to fruition;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Eduardo Montesino, Mayor of the City of Watsonville, do hereby commend the dedication of everyone involved with Narconon in this 46th year in operation, for their combined efforts in ridding the world of drugs; our community benefits from their ongoing purpose and community roles they provide in prevention of substance abuse.


Edwardo Montesino, Mayor
Watsonville, California