Minnesota State Department of Corrections Coordinator supports Narconon

California Judge Endorses Narconon

State of Minnesota
Department of Corrections
State Reformatory for Men
St. Cloud MN

October 23, 1978

Mr. Trent Blackburn
6425 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, California 90028

Dear Trent,

As per your request, I am sending some of my observations on the Narconon Program after l ? years of operation here at the State Reformatory for Men.

In terms of inmate management, the Narconon Program has demonstrated itself to be useful. As a group, the Narconon "graduates" have shown a very significant decrease in the number of negative behavior reports "found guilty of" by the institution discipline system.

Several teachers from the institution's Education Department and other program staff have made comments which indicate that upon graduation from Narconon, the client's abilities to succeed in other institution training programs have increased.

It is too soon to make any conclusions regarding the program's impact on recidivism. However, I believe that the above-mentioned points alone justify Narconon's continued operation here at SRM.

Cliff Posthumus
Living Units Program Coordinator

william benitez

William Benitez


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L. Ron Hubbard

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