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The Narconon Drug Withdrawal Step

There are differing philosophies about how an addicted person should be taken through withdrawal before entering a rehabilitation program. Even when a medical detox is not required, some rehabs start a person off with drugs like benzodiazepines to cover up the symptoms of withdrawal. Others avoid withdrawal entirely by administering substitute drugs like methadone or buprenorphine. These medications supply opiates that prevent withdrawal sickness but just keep the person addicted to a different drug.

Some people may be forced to go through unassisted withdrawal because of being arrested or simply having no other choice. Referred to as "cold turkey," most people suffer terrible withdrawal symptoms such as cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, restlessness and more.

It is possible to start rehabilitation with a positive withdrawal. When withdrawal is tolerable, it finally makes it seem possible to really recover from addiction this time. That's one of the advantages of the Narconon method of addressing drug withdrawal.

Each person that starts the rehab program should be able to sleep well on a regular schedule, not feel sick, have a normal appetite and not be experiencing severe mood swings. When this condition has been achieved, a person is now ready to start a self-determined journey to sobriety.

The Narconon withdrawal step is made tolerable through the use of generous doses of nutritional supplements. This starts building up a body's strength and alleviates many withdrawal symptoms that are actually just the result of severe nutritional deficiencies.

nutrition used in drug withdrawal

Gentle assists, some like light massages and some helping put a person in a more objective mood, improve a person's outlook. Escorted walks that put a person's attention on the environment are remarkably calming.

With all this intensive one-on-one work with staff, each person begins to realize that this program is different than ones they may have failed at before. As they pass from withdrawal into the beginning of the rehab program itself, they have just experienced the first reason that the Narconon rehabilitation program stands out from all the other choices.

Each person is now ready to start gaining back the control that they handed over to addictive drugs so long ago.

A successful drug withdrawal is possible -- Narconon centers around the world do it daily as part of the full rehab program. Call for help.

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