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Drug Withdrawal

Withdraw from Drugs

Withdrawal from addictive drugs or alcohol can be so torturous that anticipation of the sickness, pains and misery alone will prevent some addicts from trying to get clean. Those who valiantly make the attempt may give up partway through when the struggle and sickness are too great.

Even when a medical detox is not required, some rehabs start a person off with drugs like benzodiazepines to cover up the symptoms of withdrawal. Others avoid withdrawal entirely by administering substitute drugs like methadone or buprenorphine which only leaves a person addicted to a different drug.

One of the great advantages of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program is that it provides a route through withdrawal that is tolerable for most recovering addicts. The discoveries that support the Narconon withdrawal phase are simple yet revolutionary. By understanding what happens to a person's body and mind during withdrawal and supporting the person through these changes, the discomforts of withdrawal are eased.

The Nutritional Depletion Aspect of Withdrawal

It is fairly safe to say that every addict entering rehab is nutritionally destitute. Not only is it usual to ignore one's personal needs for good food and rest during addiction, but nutritional experts agree that the toxic effects of the drugs themselves further rob a body of its nutritional resources.

Nutritional Drug Withdrawal

When a person continues to use cocaine, heroin, alcohol, Ecstasy, methamphetamine, or prescription drugs like hydrocodone, OxyContin, Ritalin, morphine or a long list of other drugs, they will not feel the agony the body is actually experiencing. This is one of the forces that keeps a person using drugs over and over: when they quit, the aches and pains that have been covered up by the drugs will start to show up. When they use more drugs or drink alcohol, the pains go away.

Using Drug for Pain

The first thing that is done in the Withdrawal step that precedes the Narconon program is that generous nutritional support is provided. Vitamins B complex and C along with calcium, magnesium and others have been shown to feed the body what it needs to get through this time with a minimum of discomfort.

Handling Mental and Physical Aspects of Withdrawal

Life Without Drugs

Mental anguish and physical cramps, spasms and pains are relieved through gentle reorientation exercises and relaxing assist processes. These assist processes address the tension and agitation suffered by the nervous system and muscles and help to calm the body down considerably. More conventional steps like escorted walks and whirlpool baths may also be used to reduce discomfort.

Nutritional support and assists continue throughout each person's stay in Withdrawal. The experience is so positive for many that they can foresee a real recovery at last, rather than just feeling like this is going to be "one more trip to rehab".

A Withdrawal, Narconon-style, can be the beginning of a new sobriety for you or someone you care about who is suffering from addiction. Just knowing that a positive experience lies ahead can help many people who desperately want to recover from addiction but fear withdrawal.

With all the intensive one-on-one work with staff, each person begins to realize that this program is different than ones they may have failed at before. As they pass from withdrawal into the beginning of the rehab program itself, they have just experienced the first reason that the Narconon rehabilitation program stands out from the other choices.

Help someone you care about recover from addiction with a tolerable withdrawal to start off their Narconon drug recovery program. For details on the entire Narconon program, contact a Narconon intake counselors today.


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