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Parents become distraught when their child becomes a drug addict. They see their son or daughter becoming someone completely different than the person they were before drug abuse and addiction. The addict is on an ever-dwindling spiral, with despair and hopelessness a way of life. Goals and dreams are destroyed. Self-confidence and happiness are gone. The parents of an addict search desperately for an effective drug rehab program that will achieve lasting sobriety for their young one.

Narconon Vista Bay, in Watsonville, California, is part of the worldwide network of Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Narconon centers have been saving addicted lives for more than forty-five years. At Narconon the staff are proud to treat a recovering addict as part of the family, giving the time and effort that the participant needs to help him successfully get through the program and achieve lasting recovery.

John is a previous drug addict who has completed the Narconon program and is now living a drug-free life. His parents were interviewed to get their views on this drug rehab.

John’s father: “The Narconon program helped John - helped him find his way. It helped him find out who he is. I hear a lot of things as far as the Narconon program. I’ve read letters of success stories, and you know, when you say success - I don’t know what the dictionary says but John is a success. He portrays it all the time.”

John’s mother: “John is now three years drug-free and I’m so proud of him. We all are. We just are amazed at him. He is so positive! He is so self-assured! He knows what he wants. You know, I love John dearly and I think we’ll always have a good and close relationship. It’s been great. It was the best thing that could have happened to him. I missed him while he was off doing the program, but it was wonderful for him as well as for all of us here.”

Narconon approaches rehabilitation of the whole individual, both mentally and physically. The first step is a drugless withdrawal that is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional supplements and assistance by the trained staff. The recovering addict will then go through a detoxification that eliminates the drug residues stored in the fatty tissues of the body, which are known to contribute to the triggering of drug cravings.

The final phase of Narconon treatment consists of an education in life skills that help the student maintain a sober life. He or she learns how to restore their integrity and self-respect. He learns how to rid himself of the guilt that accompanies addiction and how to take responsibility in life. The path to a fulfilling and productive future is there for any addict with Narconon.

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