Narconon Standard

Moscow Drug Rehab Center

Narconon Standard rehab center in Moscow
Kashirskiy proezd, d. 5, Москва, 115201, Russia

In a wooded corner of Moscow, there’s a place where the addicted can find new hope. This is Narconon Standard. It’s housed in a large yellow brick house in a suburban area outside the city. In this private location, a person who may have struggled for years with heroin, alcohol or even krokodil addiction can find relief.

New Life Detox Sauna

Here, there are people who understand the pain and sickness of addiction and know how to help. People who have been where you’ve been and know what it is like. People who know what to do during withdrawal to make things easier and more tolerable. And they know how to help people through the New Life Detoxification program that uses the on-site sauna to flush out old drug toxins.

Everything that is needed for one’s entire recovery program is right here. In this safe environment and these bright, cheerful classrooms, one can focus on recovery and developing the life skills needed to deal with problems that come up in one’s day to day life. These are the skills that build the strength to stay sober, even if there are setbacks in life. When you return to your family and your work, you’ll know that the time spent at Narconon Standard was the turning point for your new sobriety.

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