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Narconon Northern California

Providing relief from addiction and new sober lives for Northern Californians is the Narconon drug rehab center outside Santa Cruz. Here, a beautiful rehab center sits atop a range of hills overlooking Monterey Bay. There are also two other rehab facilities in Lake Tahoe and Placerville. All three centers offer privacy and a path to learn how to build a new, sober life that can last a lifetime.

At any of these Narconon Northern California centers, the emphasis is on having the life skills to stay sober. For that reason, a person graduates from this program when they are certain they have the ability to deal with sobriety, not when a certain time limit is reached. This may take one person a longer time than another.

Narconon Santa Cruz Drug Rehab

Freedom from cravings is another essential part of recovery. If a person struggles with the urge to use drugs from the first thing in the morning until the last thing at night, he is likely to lose the fight one day when his stresses are heaviest. At Narconon Northern California, an innovative sauna detoxification procedure is used to flush old drug toxins out of each person’s body. Those completing this step talk about their brighter outlooks, their increased energy and the reduction in cravings they experience.

California’s Drug Problem

California greatest struggle is with the drugs that flow across its southern border. Addiction rates to methamphetamine, cannabis, cocaine and heroin surge and fall, but the overall number of Californians going to rehab stays about the same. Unlike many other states, alcohol is not the primary drug sending people to rehab. Instead, it’s methamphetamine, followed closely by marijuana.

All up and down the Central Valley, methamphetamine labs built by Mexican drug cartels still manufacture the drug. In the Northern California foothills, illicit marijuana farms, again mostly staffed by the cartels, produce more drugs for the local market. The result is more than 150,000 Californians needing to find relief from addiction each year.

To help someone you love come back to sobriety, call Narconon Northern California. Call 800-556-8885 today.

“I remember during the desperate nightmare…”

Dear All,

I remember during the desperate nightmare of addiction that had become my son’s life, reading the comforting and uplifting words of a parent whose child had found help at Narconon California, and daring to have hope. My son’s path of addiction since the age of thirteen had taken us down many dark and desperate “alleyways” (emergency rooms, jails, etc.) that I never imagined facing with my child.

Ben’s situation had become life threatening, and seriously depleting to us all. His sister had found a new program that claimed to be different than the traditional 12-step programs he had struggled with. He had been to several detox, rehab and recovery programs with no lasting success. Instinctively I knew that none of these programs had addressed the core issues that were the genesis of Ben’s addiction, and had been the continuation of some serious family history.

I had not seen Ben in quite a while because he would disappear when things got bad, either in shame or just out of compassion for the family. His sister had spoken to him on the phone and he agreed to go to Narconon California, but had passed out before he could tell us where he was. After I finally located him through friends, I had to break into the deck of the house where he was staying. It took me nearly 20 minutes to wake him. He was gaunt, grey and severely underweight. I took him directly to a hotel room close to the airport to keep him as close as possible, fearing he may change his mind and bolt. It was the longest most heinous night of my life. He was in an extreme state of addiction – shaking and violently hiccupping as he rambled on endlessly and without filters about his life on the streets and his personal hell. With the help of the Narconon California staff, by phone we managed to make it through that sleepless night and stick it out till morning.

I prayed silently to myself all night that Narconon California would be the answer and that he would no longer have to suffer this senseless, painful tragedy. We made one last stop on the way to the airport, and as he looked through his bag for something, a crack pipe fell to the ground. I sobbed silently as we went through the rest of the bag and drove on to the airport. There was another narrow escape when the Air Marshall was called to the ticket counter out of concern for Ben’s condition. We could not afford to send someone with him and he courageously convinced the Marshal that he had to get on that flight and get to Narconon California or he would die. I believe that is exactly what would have happened.

Ben’s continued courage and determination got him through the program. During his first trip back home, he walked me through all the stages of his hard work describing the difficult, yet cleansing confrontation that brought him back to himself. The work was intense and I am not sure I would have the courage to face the things he has faced.

Narconon California helped Ben to save himself.

My son celebrated his 26th birthday this year just days after his one-year anniversary of being alcohol and substance free. It is the first time in over a decade that I remember us actually celebrating his birthday – free of fear, apprehension and worry. He is in a functional and fulfilling relationship with a wonderful partner. There are no words to express the joy and gratitude I have for this opportunity to get to know my beautiful adult son, and how thankful I am that through his hard work, dedication and the gift of Narconon California, he is returned to us and to the fullness of life.

Thank you Narconon California!

~~ Pam B.

My son was at the end of his road…

My son is a drug addict. He has been arrested, been to court and inevitably spent time in jail. He has spent thousands and thousands of dollars on HIS problem. However, to him DRUGS won all the time. Our family was torn apart, arguing, yelling, crying, promises that he never kept. DRUGS won him over us. Kicking him out of the house did not change a thing in his eyes, he was engulfed with the Drug life, he was in too deep, and we lost him.

My son was at the end of his road. My son had no life. My son would have been dead within a few months, if not within a few days, if he continued on this path. My son did not believe this. My son convinced himself he was fine, that he was not a drug addict, that he was stable because he held his job. Then the phone call came “Uncle” his boss said, his boss lost him too, and he let my son go. My son had no mind he was no longer my son. I love my son and I told him with a snap of a finger - if he did not straighten out his life - he was out of my life for good. Tough love? No – I was a mother who could not stand one more minute of watching her son kill himself.

HOPE - I believed I was at the end of my road with my son and that he was at the end of his life. I had placed a few calls and talked to a Narconon California Intake Counselor named Micki, an amazing young lady that seemed to know my son without even meeting him. She knew what my family and I were going through because of my son. She also knew what my son was going through. She talked to me for an hour - told me not to worry - there was HOPE - there was a chance - there was a future for my son.

The greatest thing that happened was that THEY (Narconon California) would handle it. THEY would talk directly with my son. THEY would convince my son to come. My son could go on his own, making up his own mind that this would be the best. My son on his own left on Sunday, for Narconon California.

Within a few weeks after arriving at Narconon California – my son’s voice changed, the light started to shine, the knowledge of what HE had done and the pain and consequences he caused became a reality to him. A few weeks after that, the edginess, brought on by drugs, evaporated. The hyper-ness started to calm. A son that I had not seen or heard from in years was coming home. Not physically but mentally and emotionally. Months proved to restore a tranquility that I do not believe my SON had seen or felt in himself for years.

My SON became proud of himself. My SON became a MAN.

This is what NARCONON CALIFORNIA has done for my SON. They have made my son human again. They made it possible for him to get his life back.

Thank you Narconon California,

~~ Sheila B.

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