Narconon Eslov

Sweden Drug Rehabilitation Center

Box 238 241 23 Eslöv, Sweden

For more than three decades, Narconon Eslov has supported Swedish health and happiness by providing drug rehabilitation and drug prevention services. This quiet country estate was selected as the perfect place in which to recover from the chaos and trauma of addiction. The manor house sits just a little more than a mile from the town of Eslov and is surrounded by farmlands and fields.

Tree-shaded lanes lead up to the facility and these peaceful surroundings contribute to one’s feeling that at last, the solution to addiction is at hand. Individuals struggling with addiction have come from all over the country to this peaceful location to rebuild and recover.

Sweden’s official policy on drugs is to achieve a society that is free from illegal drugs. The result of this policy is one of the lowest rates of drug use in the EU, with the number of drug overdose deaths in Sweden making a significant drop in 2016.

Narconon Eslov is very proud to provide its support for this policy with its rehabilitation and prevention activities.

Swedish Students Benefit from the No-Drugs Policy

What happens if you compare the illegal drug or alcohol use of Swedish 15 and 16-year-olds with the use that occurs in other European countries? You will find the Swedish rate is less than half the average for the other countries surveyed. Still, some people lose their way to addiction. Cannabis, methamphetamine, opioids, cocaine and new psychoactive substances (synthetics) are the drugs sending many people to drug rehabilitation programs across the country.

Those finding their way to Narconon Eslov for their rehabilitation will find a unique, holistic approach to recovery. As they learn how to rebuild and actually enjoy a sober life, they can now embrace the cultural attitude of most Swedes, that a happy life does not include the use of drugs.

A Quick Look at the Narconon Rehab Program

The use of a sauna is a long-standing tradition in Scandinavia. At Narconon Eslov, time in a sauna is combined with a generous nutritional regimen and moderate exercise to detoxify residues of drugs and alcohol that can still be clouding one’s thinking. The brighter viewpoint that results from this cleansing activity is the perfect start to a bright, new life.

Following this step, each person will regain the ability to live in and appreciate the present, rather than being trapped in events and trauma from the past. This achievement helps each person unlock themselves from their addictions so they can move into a new future.

Finally, new life skills are needed to prevent a person from slipping back into old bad habits. Each person at Narconon Eslov completes a battery of Life Skills training courses designed to help them choose the right associates, know how to identify and cope with individuals who might wish them harm, restore their own personal integrity and much more.

A Return to a Healthier and Sober Life

The goal at Narconon Eslov is to return our friends and neighbors to a satisfying and productive life. For more than thirty years, we have been proud and honored to help families from all over Sweden heal from the destructive effects of addiction. Learn how we can help someone you care about come back to life and better health. Contact us today to learn more.

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