Drug Rehabilitation Center Sweden

Narconon Eslöv Sweden

narconon eslov rehab center

Drug Rehab Center drog rehabilitering

Box 238 241 23 Eslöv, Sweden

Phone: (46) 413-16477 & (46) 413-19170

Fax: (46) 413-60636

Email: narconon.eslov@telia.com

Website: Sweden Drug Rehabilitation - www.narconon-eslov.com

Narconon Eslov was established in the south of Sweden in 1982 and has just recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. They have provided drug rehabilitation and drug education services in their surrounding area for many years, with many graduates moving on to lead productive, drug-free lives.

Narconon Eslov Sweden Drug Rehab center

Narconon Eslov Sweden

Drug Rehabilitation Center

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