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Denmark Drug Abuse

Denmark has long had a reputation as a progressive, liberal society. These attitudes were tested in 1971 when a group of people took over abandoned military housing in the middle of Copenhagen and established a commune-like settlement named Christiania. Within the limits of Christiania, "soft" drugs such as cannabis and hashish were permitted and freely sold at open-air stands.

Since its establishment, Christiania has had its ups and downs. At various times, police have decided to encroach on the freedoms of the settlement, and at other times they have worked out compromises. Trade in harder drugs has arisen and has been eliminated. Today, Christiania residents still permit the sale and use of soft drugs.

Outside of Christiania, it is a different story. Use or sale of any drugs, hard or soft, is illegal in Denmark. However, while Denmark has active social programs aimed at prevention, treatment, harm reduction and supply control, it still has the third-highest rate of drug deaths in Europe.

Drug Abuse in Denmark Follows the Pattern of Most of Europe

Many of those entering substance abuse treatment programs in Denmark are seeking help for opiate addiction, but these numbers are falling slightly in comparison to those seeking help for cannabis and stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamine. Each year, 250 people due from drug abuse, with heroin overdoses most often involved in the deaths. Only Luxembourg and Estonia have higher rates of death from substance abuse. Most of the time, more than one drug is involved in a drug-related death.

The great majority of those entering drug programs, whether residential treatment or outpatient treatment, are poly-drug users. And only about a third of those entering treatment centers are new to the system, which means two-thirds failed after their prior substance abuse treatment.

In 2009, it became possible to be "prescribed" heroin as part of a harm reduction program. Heroin addicts can receive two doses of diamorphine, pharmaceutical-grade heroin, each day as a way to keep them from committing crimes for their drugs, and to prevent them from overdosing due to heroin supplies that might be higher potency than usual.

Alcohol Consumption Rates Among the Young Very High

The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs collects figures on substance use and abuse among 15 and 16 year olds from many European countries. In their 2007 report, 94 percent of Danish young people reported using alcohol in the last year, and 73 percent of them reported having been drunk. Twenty-five percent reported cannabis use at least once in their lifetime.

This is the second-highest rate of alcohol use in the young of all the countries surveyed. Only the Czech Republic was higher at 95 percent. Danish students also reported large quantities drunk and high levels of drunkenness in the last 30 days.

Among the general population, it is common for alcohol abuse to take place in conjunction with cocaine abuse. Often this poly-drug consumption takes place at nightclubs in the urban areas.

Narconon Established to Contribute to the Country's Improvement

denmark rehab center

In 1986, a Narconon drug rehabilitation center was opened in Morkov, Denmark, 85 miles from Copenhagen. They are fully licensed by their local authorities to provide drug treatment and alcohol abuse treatment for those suffering from dependence or addiction. The residential treatment center is also fully certified as a non-profit organization, devoted only to saving lives from overdoses and addiction.

The purpose of this long-term, residential treatment program is to give addicts the tools they need to build a new, fully drug-free life. When an addicted person can become drug-free for life, this is far better than providing a substitute drug or practicing "harm reduction" which means trying to teach a person who is abusing drugs and alcohol how to do it more "safely" because it is thought that no effective solution exists.

Narconon drug treatment in Denmark

In Narconon, that solution to drug use does exist. The director of one company in Denmark sent a letter to the Narconon drug program in Morkov, telling them that he had, over the years, sent five employees to the center for residential treatment. All five of them were still doing well, were hard-working, responsible staff with good values. Four of them were still working for him and one of them was working for a company with which he was associated. Government officials in Norway have even sent people to the Morkov substance abuse treatment center, as there are no Narconons yet open in Norway.

Internationally, seven out of ten graduates of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at Narconon stay clean of drinking or drug abuse after their graduation.

The Narconon rehab center in Morkov participates in drug education and prevention classes and events in their community. They provide educational materials to schools and parents as well as advising parents on how to talk to their children to help keep them safe from drug abuse.

Narconon Denmark was first licensed by the Danish government in 1986 and has since then delivered residential drug rehab and drug prevention services throughout Denmark.

A Narconon Graduate's Story

I am a 29 years old and have been on drugs from I was 14. Recently a 13 years old girl got an overdose, to a private party. It could have been me 15 years ago, but I made it through the hell and came out on the other side.

At that time started smoking hash and take some pills and as it normally goes for the most in that situation, I also started with other things to see if they where as good as they said. But when you get addicted then it is not good at all. I was so lucky that I had a work the first years I was addicted to heroin.

Actually I had everything I could wish, a girlfriend I loved, I had a good car and an apartment downtown, we got a wonderful son, yes I had all a common family had and I had one more thing, a heroin use.

This made me starts lying, go behind that back of my family, girlfriend and friends. The most terrible was that they didn't even know and therefore couldn't understand what was going on with me.

During time when I should use more and more drugs, the things started to fall apart. I lost my job, I couldn't pay the bills anymore, my drug use cost now 1700-2200 Euro per week, I couldn't contribute to my family and the relationship started to fall apart too. But it didn't bother me. I have been in and out of many rehab centers, but without the expected result.

The only result was that I could stay pretty drug free while at the center. But I could feel that I my life was not getting handled in those centers, I used it as a kind of "Vacation" from the streets and got some kilos on my body. During that time I lost my car, girlfriend, apartment and family. They did what they could for me but that didn't get me on my feet either. Especially when the rehab centers I tried failed. I ended up on the street, I didn't know what to do and my addiction became worse and worse. I had to steal, make burglary and sell drugs to get for my own use. In the end I thought that all hope was gone and prepared myself to die as an addict. Then I heard about Narconon, something there should change my life drastically.

I got an approval from the commune to do the program and to try for the last time to get drug free. When I arrived to Narconon Denmark I was scared to dead, I had an idea that it would be a hell to get through the withdrawal with all the abstinences and I almost couldn't confront it, but I was wrong. The way they helped me, by the help of vitamins and assists, did that I got pretty easy through the withdrawal. The care I experienced at Narconon Denmark, I have never experienced before any place I have been. I could feel that they had been through the same and had a technology they understood to use.

Time pass by and more and more changes happened in my life and they where enormous, I got communication skills that I could feel was important, now I didn't needed to be introverted and I could communicate. What I really look forward to do was the New Life Detoxification program. A program where you get vitamins and minerals and goes in sauna. This gets the drugs out of the fat-tissues and further out of the body. I felt completely CLEAN after that part of the program and never in my entire life have I had so much energy and been so clear in my mind.

I can't think of anything I don't like about Narconon. If anything then it is that you gain so many kilos. The staff members are carefully and help the person through all the difficult periods. Those there are several of. The place is 100% drug free, as it is designed by the methods of L. Ron Hubbard and I have never felt so alive. I have got a really good relationship with my family again and look forward to be a REAL DAD for my son again. I have found out that it is possible to change condition in life if you come to the right place and that place was Narconon Denmark for me.

Kindly regards,

Eirik H.,
Narconon Denmark Graduate

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