Drug Rehabilitation Center Italy

Narconon Argo

Drug Rehab Center

riabilitazione da droghe

Via San Paolo, 1 Spedino 02021 Borgorose (RI), Italy

Phone: (39) 349 6052157

Email: info@narcononargo.it Website: Drug Rehab Center - Narconon Argo - http://www.narcononargo.it/

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Narconon Argo

Just an hour east and a little north of Rome, you will find a completely different atmosphere at Narconon Argo. Instead of the bustle of a major city, you will find the quiet hum of students at work, learning new skills for living sober lives. This is where all those problems with drugs and problems and failure can be left far behind, where the focus is on building a stable sobriety. This is where a person’s future can begin to look completely different from his past.

Here in the small village of Spedino that sits in the middle of the country, it’s possible to find the new future you have been hoping for. Narconon Argo maintains a home-like atmosphere for its students. The facility itself has the air of a mountain chalet.

Among the rolling hills and in winter, some snow-capped peaks, you can gain the new viewpoint that will guide your future success. Choose Narconon Argo when you are ready to break from the past and build a new, sober future.