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Addiction Treatment Rehab

Addiction Treatment Rehab

In this society, there is a solution when addiction hits: addiction treatment rehab. The only problem is that the programs offered for addiction treatment rehab vary greatly, and results vary just as greatly. In this field, there is no agreed on "gold standard" of addiction treatment that is widely agreed will result in sobriety.

For that reason, it can be difficult to find the program that can save your loved one's life. When addiction treatment rehab is needed, what should be able to be found is a program with a better than 50% success rate and program steps that make sense to the person who takes the time to look into them. The sensible person who looks into the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program will find a program that makes sense. He or she can observe the way that the services line up to deal with the major factors that keep people imprisoned in drug and alcohol addiction.

First, take a look at the withdrawal step that precedes the actual addiction treatment rehab itself. With generous doses of nutrition and lots of assistance from staff, the withdrawal step at a Narconon center is often described as one of the most tolerable withdrawals the recovering addict has ever experienced. What makes it better is that no medical or psychiatric drugs are ever administered as part of the withdrawal. For most people, the worst of withdrawal symptoms are alleviated with nutrition and gentle physical and emotional assists to soothe the transition from being affected by drugs to being clean for the first time in a long time.

Next, make sure that the program actually offers help that enables the recovering addict to make changes in his or her thinking, life and basic pattern of living. The person must know how to make drug-free decisions and must have the self-discipline to make them at the right time. This is no small accomplishment but happens every day in the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

The major reasons that the person stays addicted must also be addressed. The Narconon addiction treatment rehab offers a well-rounded series of services that address each of the major factors that keep a person trapped in addiction: guilt, cravings and depression. While the person is high or drunk, he won't feel the pain that guilt and depression would impose, but if the drugs wear off or the person gets sober, the pain is going to hit him hard. To keep these factors from hurting so much, the person will use more drugs or get drunk again. The cravings won't come back until the drugs or alcohol run out and the guilt and depression are kept away as long as the supplies hold out.

But when faced with a sober life, there have to be solutions for these factors and the Narconon addiction treatment rehab is the answer.

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Narconon centers are located on six continents in scores of cities. To help a person recover from addiction to heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, club drugs, prescription drugs or other kinds of substance abuse, contact the international headquarters of Narconon in Los Angeles: 800-775-8750 today. Get all the details about the steps that add up to this well-rounded solution to addiction.

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