Is Ecstasy Safe?

Bobby Wiggins, Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist, answers "is ecstasy safe?" in this short video. Get some real facts about this popular rave drug.

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Ecstasy is safer than other drugs. True or false?

That's also false.

Ecstasy or MDMA is a very, very popular drug in clubs and even at home. That particular drug is unbelievably dangerous.

Number 1, MDMA, the MA stands for Methamphetamine. So it's a mixture of other chemicals with methamphetamine.

The big sales line out there is that, well, if ecstasy isn't cut with other drugs like heroin and speed, drugs like that, if it's not cut with those drugs and it's pure, then it's safe for you.

Nothing can be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is MDMA dehydrates the body faster than any drug we know of.

When you see a person on ecstasy or MDMA, you'll see them drinking a lot of water. They have to hydrate all the time. The reason for that is that specific drug MDMA dehydrates the body and the brain so rapidly. So it can cause actual heart failure. Kids have been known to die from it. And it actually can dehydrate the brain to a very, very large degree.

One of the things that I want to go back to very, very fast is to let you know ecstasy is also a hallucinogenic drug which operates a little differently with the person's mind.

Other drugs blur the pictures in the mind. MDMA, being a hallucinogenic, it scrambles the pictures in the mind. It'll take this sequencing here and will throw it out of sequence back to there. It can take whole chunks from back here and throw it up to here. And then it starts. One will go to there and bang - Spaghetti.

What you end up with is a scrambled time track.

There's no time tabs on what you're thinking when you go back to get your information.

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This is a drug education video answering the question "is ecstasy safe?". You may find more information about ecstasy on our website. If you know someone with an addiction problem whether drug or alcohol, please contact us at 800-775-8750 or email us.

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