Workable Rehab Program Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation Workable Rehab Program


April 15, 1977

New Orleans, Louisiana

In Re:


I would like to praise the good works you are doing in providing workable programs for the rehabilitation of those people who are victims of drug abuse. I have been reading about NARCONON for two years, and its phenomenal results throughout the United States. I am glad we have a program in Louisiana, although I wish we had access to your technology in Baton Rouge. I have discussed this program with numbers of those who have been on drugs, and were having withdrawal problems, and used your program. They have had outstanding results, and now have returned to full productive lives in society, fully rehabilitated, praising your program. I have seen the most apathetic, down and out, lost druggie, converted into energetic, enthusiastic and productive citizen in a short period of time. It is a real joy to see these people who had essentially given up life, be converted through your remarkable program to human beings again.

I wish you every success, and hope that you will continue to grow, for wherever you go you always seem to find success in your programs. I would like to recommend your program as clinic, or as an in-prison situation. I would like to see a full-fledged NARCONON facility available in every major city in our state, for it seems to work and what works is what we really want.

Very truly yours,

L.D. Sledge