New Mexico Dept of Corrections Letter

Letter from 1972 - Dept of Corrections New Mexico

State of New Mexico Corrections Commission and Department of Corrections

Santa Fe, 87501

August 15, 1972

Lt. Col. Mark Jones USMC (Ret.)
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Colonel Jones:

I have now a number of replies substantiating the work being done by Narconon in various correctional programs. Accordingly, I would like to meet with you at your early convenience to work out the details of a contract for your services. Based upon the replies we have received, we would now be interested in discussing the possibility of your organization also working with our two juvenile institutions, in addition to the Penitentiary of New Mexico, as we originally indicated in our conversations.

Working out a contract which can be presented to the Corrections Commission is essential to our starting a cooperative program.

Yours truly,


Howard Leach,
Secretary of Corrections