Drug Prevention Materials

The Narconon program offers a variety of books and materials to assist in educating children and adults about drugs. The following and numerous other books and videos can be ordered through our online bookstore or by calling Narconon International at 800-775-8750.

Marijuana The Myth - Video

Marijuana the Myth - drug education Video

Many have heard that "Marijuana is natural" or "It can't hurt you"or "It only stays in your system for thirty days". Is this really true? What are the real effects of Marijuana on your health? Hear the truth like you've never heard before! This video provides up-to-date information about drugs for teenagers, which they won't get anywhere else.

Ecstasy The Real Story - Video

Ecstasy the Real Story - drug education Video

Ecstasy has become more and more popular with teens and young adults in the past decade. Not many people understand how dangerous ecstasy really is. One dose can kill a person.

This ecstasy drug education video reveals the chilling effects of ecstasy and how dealers trick kids into trying and buying ecstasy.

Ten Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs Booklet

ten things about drugs booklet

A simple, easy-to-read booklet which exposes the most common false information that kids have. Step by step the true information is given with illustrations so young people can make the right decision.

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