Oklahoma Legislative Citation to Narconon

Oklahoma Legislative Citation to Narconon

Citation of Congratulations

Narconon - 40th Anniversary

Whereas, for over twenty-five years Narconon has proven itself to be a partner in life-changing strategies for many Oklahomans as well as a community partner by providing jobs and resources for Oklahomans; and

Whereas, it is significant that Narconon's approach to successful recovery from alcohol and substance abuse includes a specific regiment of wellness that accelerates physical healing, a component that returns an individual to goo health and a sense of well being; and

Whereas, the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus is encouraged that solution to alcohol and substance abuse can be replicated in communities through programs such as Narconon's First Step Program, to provide individuals with help to the process of overcoming dependence on alcohol and drugs. The Caucus is happy to join with colleagues across the country in paying tribute to Narconon and its 120 centers located in over 40 countries; and

Whereas, the occasion of Narconon's 40th Anniversary, on February 19, 2006, represents an auspicious opportunity in which to join with the Narconon owners, operators and supporters in celebrating their efforts to rid the planet of the negative impact that the abuse of alcohol and drugs exacts upon communities.

Now, therefore, pursuant to the motion of Representative Opio Toure the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus extends to Narconon best wishes and directs that this citation be presented.

Representative Opio Toure, Chairperson

Senator Judy Eason McIntyre, Member

Senator Constance Johnson, Member

Representative Mike Shelton, Member

Representative Jabar Shumate, Member

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