Drug-Free Heroes Set A Good Example

Drug-Free Heroes Set Example

All too often we hear about actors, athletes and musicians who use drugs but we hear little about all those who don't.

Narconon established the Narconon Celebrity All-Star team in 1979 to show America that there are many celebrities that do not use drugs, and to give drug-free actors, athletes and musicians a fun platform from which to speak out on drug abuse. Over 250 celebrities have played on our team during the last seven years.

In a recent address to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, First Lady Nancy Reagan said, "Television and movies are responsible for everything from fads in fashion, such as the Don Johnson look, to fads in speech and dance and everything else. Hollywood can't say, yes, we have the power to influence what clothes a young person wears, but not the power to influence what that person thinks about drugs.

"You [Academy of Television Arts and Sciences] have the ability to influence people. You can use that power to dismiss the dangers of drugs, or you can use it to help young people say no to drugs."

The celebrities that play for Narconon are very active in their careers, families and hobbies. Most have found many activities in their lives that give them natural highs that are far superior to drugs and more permanent.

Our hats are off to those celebrities for standing up and speaking out for what they believe.

FOR CELEBRITY SPEAKERS Contact: Narconon International 1258 North Highland Avenue, Suite 305 Los Angeles, California 90038 (213) 466-9425

The Truth About Drugs Issue 3 pg 2

The Truth About Drugs Issue 3 pg 2

The Truth About Drugs Issue 3 pg 3

The Truth About Drugs Issue 3 pg 3

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