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article from 1976

1976: Article on Narconon Booklet:
Drug Services in L.A. County

News Herald & Journal, Northeast Star-Review
Wed., April 14, 1976

Booklet gives information on drug services

A new and different look at drug abuse rehabilitation facilities is given by the booklet 'A Consumer's Guide to Drug Abuse Rehabilitation in L.A. County' which is being distributed this week throughout L.A. County by Narconon, a private, non-profit group that handles drug abuse.

The booklet provides an index of rehabilitation facilities in L.A. county giving pertinent data on each facility's philosophy, method, success rate, cooperation with other groups and funding.

Over 2000 of the booklets which list more than 90 facilities in L.A. county are being distributed free to county education boards, government officials and schoools.

Individuals and groups interested in obtaining copies of the booklet please contact Narconon US...

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