Drug Rehab for Fort Worth, Texas

Addiction results in an individual falling down a deep well of misery, life becoming a series of failures and losses. Loved ones drift away, dreams of a happy future disappear and sadness and hopelessness are constant.

Searching for that next pill or drink becomes all that an addicted person lives for. To pull out of this despair, it becomes imperative to find a drug rehab in the Fort Worth area that will provide a realistic chance at recovery. With the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Harlingen, the answer is at hand.

Drugless Withdrawal is Only the Beginning

Narconon South Texas in Harlingen is in driving disstance from Fort Worth and provides an addict with a real chance at lasting sobriety - a life without addiction. This residential facility has comfortable accommodations where a recovering addict takes part in a number of phases of treatment. With its 70% success rate, it is an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up.

The Narconon Arrowhead facility is also nearby at just a few hours drive to the north. To learn more about the Narconon program and the facilities nearest you, give us a call.

Three Main Phases of Recovery Treatment

Beginning with a drug-free withdrawal, the Narconon program avoids all substitute medications that simply end up trading one addiction for another. Many drug rehabs employ drug substitutes, like methadone or Suboxone, which are themselves addictive. These drugs can be prescribed for years after a drug rehab is completed. Narconon uses no replacement drugs in its recovery program, which means a greater chance at lasting sobriety.

Withdrawal is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support. In this way, the body is bolstered to be able to better withstand the difficulties of the withdrawal process. Additionally, the nutrients lost in the lifestyle of drug abuse are replenished. One-on-one work with trained and caring staff also assist the recovering individual in getting through the discomforts.

Using an effective combination of moderate exercise, nutritional supplements and time in a low-heat sauna, the Narconon New Life Detoxification results in accumulated and stored drug residues being eliminated from the system. These poisons remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body even after drug use has ceased. They cause foggy thinking, confusion and have been involved in the triggering of drug cravings long after the person is no longer using drugs, or after even a rehab program is complete. Flushing these drug residues from the body is necessary for lasting recovery.

After withdrawal and detoxification, Narconon Life Skills Courses offer the recovering individual the opportunity to restore and rebuild life skills that were destroyed after long-term drug addiction. These abilities need to be restored so he can weather the challenges facing him when he goes back home. One such course, the Ups and Downs in Life Course, shows a person how to recognize and avoid those who would negatively influence him into continuing a life of addiction. It also teaches the recovering addict how to develop positive relationships with those who will support his drug-free lifestyle.

Wide Availability of Drugs in Fort Worth Makes Lasting Recovery Vital

The Fort Worth area is in a region of Texas known to be a major transportation and distribution area for heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. Supplies move through the city to be distributed regionally and nationally by drug trafficking criminals. This is all the more reason to ensure a recovering addict is proofed in every way possible against relapse and from falling back into the seemingly bottomless pit of addiction.

Anyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol needs a real chance for an honest and productive life. The Narconon South Texas center addresses the factors that will help to avoid relapse and will restore self-respect and honesty. Contact a Narconon drug rehab counselor today.