Drug Rehab for Shreveport, Louisiana

Drug Addiction

An addict finds himself living a life far different than he ever imagined. The things that used to matter a great deal to him don’t hold the same meaning as before. He finds himself blaming others for things he has done, although down deep he knows he was the cause of the bad situation in the first place. His life is one miserable task of finding that next pill or drink. Others plead with him to change, but he has no clue on how to do so. The only solution is an effective drug rehab for Shreveport that can work to turn his life around. There is just such a drug rehab with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Denham Springs.

Trading Drug Addictions

Only four hours away from Shreveport is the Narconon Louisiana residential drug rehabilitation center, a comfortable facility in a lovely wooded setting. This center, like the other 50 Narconon rehabilitation centers around the world, provides a holistic drug treatment program that has a 70% success rate at achieving lasting sobriety.

Avoid the Problems Inherent in Drug Replacement Therapy

Many drug rehab centers employ drug replacement therapy in an attempt to get someone smoothly off a drug or drugs. However, these substitute drugs such as methadone, Suboxone and buprenorphine are just as addictive as the addict’s drug of choice. When using drug substitutes and medications, it is simply trading one addiction for another. When a person is striving for sobriety, this is not the way to leave ALL drugs behind. Narconon never uses any drugs or medications in its effective program. Instead, a drugless withdrawal, thorough detoxification and an education in living a drug-free life without the need to turn to drugs or alcohol is a workable alternative.

Saving Addicted Lives One at a Time at Narconon

Withdrawal Help

The first step when an addict arrives is drugless withdrawal. This step is made more tolerable through the use of plentiful nutritional support and caring assistance by trained staff. The staff carefully monitor the recovering addict and ensures he or she is as comfortable as possible. They administer relaxation techniques to ease the discomforts of withdrawal.

Soon after withdrawal is complete, the participant begins a thorough detox. Since drugs do not all leave the body after someone has stopped long-term drug abuse, it is important to flush these stored toxins from the body. The stored poisons which have lodged in the fatty tissues of the body are eliminated as the person goes through The Narconon New Life Detoxification. This is accomplished with an effective combination of moderate exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements and time in a low heat sauna. This exact regimen, when followed, clears the mind and cleans the body so the addict has a bright new outlook on life. Many say that their drug cravings have disappeared. This is no surprise, because drug residues are known to contribute to drug cravings even years after drug use has ceased.

Another key aspect of the Narconon program is to teach a recovering person how to go back into his day-to-day life and manage skillfully to live a life without drugs. An addicted lifestyle results in many bad situations and destroyed relationships. The recovering addict will need to be able to deal with the challenges he runs into as he goes about his life, and he will need to repair those damaged areas that came about through his addition.

The Narconon Life Skills Courses give the individual the education he needs to maintain a responsible and honest life without drugs. He learns how to repair damaged relationships, restore his personal integrity and fix areas of his life that were messed up by his addiction. An example is the Personal Values and Integrity Course where the student learns how integrity is lost and how it can be restored. This is a big step towards living an honest and happy life again.

Shreveport’s Addiction Problems and Drug-related Crime and Violence

Shreveport, Louisiana lies along the Red River, with lovely streetscapes and statues and sculptures. Although a beautiful place in the South and one where you would hope you could raise your children in peace and harmony, the area has a problem with drugs, drug trafficking and the related crime and violence.

Life Skills

Over the recent months, law enforcement has worked hard to clean up the streets of criminal drug dealers who dole out illicit drugs to all ages of people in Shreveport. These criminals create and feed thousands of addicts. One such dealer, one of the major traffickers in the region, was caught and sentenced recently. He was part of a cocaine ring that operated between Shreveport and Dallas, Texas. The U.S. Attorney’s Office hoped that this would slow the distribution of cocaine in the area, but expressed their doubts, saying that they likely only created a vacuum that would be filled by other dealers.

The list is long in the city of drug dealers stopped from criminal trafficking of harmful drugs. Recently one man was caught after more than a year of pursuit by law enforcement agencies. He was finally pulled over for a traffic stop and eight pounds of cocaine was found in his vehicle as well as $53,000 of drug money. Another major trafficker and his cohorts were finally brought to justice after transporting many kilos of cocaine between Dallas and Shreveport. The Martin Luther King neighborhood was the target of these criminals and they supplied this area with large amounts of cocaine. Recently another man was sentenced after pleading guilty to drug trafficking and possession of a firearm. He was stopped for a traffic offense and although fleeing on foot, was still caught and finally convicted.

With such a wide availability of drugs in the city, an effective drug rehab for Shreveport is necessary so an addict can truly attain lasting recovery. He must be proofed against relapse and learn how to live a drug-free life. This is exactly what Narconon accomplishes, and it is the way to save an addicted life. Call Narconon today.