Drug Rehab for Kenner, Louisiana

Drug Addiction Problem

Addiction distorts perceptions, attitudes and abilities. An addict seems to find it difficult to cope effectively with life. His treasured relationships deteriorate. Situations crop up that are almost impossible to confront and deal with in his addicted state. The effects of his addiction extend far beyond his own personal well-being. While he may be numb to the harm he causes, his family and friends only want him to get help. Finding an effective drug rehab for Kenner sometimes seems beyond reach. However, there is effective help at a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center not far away, where an addict can achieve lasting sobriety.

As a suburb of New Orleans, Kenner does not escape the effects of drug addiction and long-term drug abuse in the surrounding area. Too many local residents have habits that not only inflict harmful effects on the body, but spark irrational behavior and cloud judgment. For example, a Kenner father endangered his child while he was under the influence of drugs. When going into a store to sell his drugs, he left his three-year-old child in a vehicle during hot weather and after he came out, took the boy and dragged him by the arm along the pavement. Employees from the store held the man until police arrived. The child was not seriously injured and was turned over to his mother. This incident shows the effects of addiction in the community and the harm caused to others.

Narconon Louisiana residential drug rehabilitation center in Denham Springs is only a little over an hour away from Kenner and offers an effective program that can give an addict back his life, enabling him to get on the path to a happy and productive life once again. This holistic treatment program differs from Twelve Step programs in that all treatment is drugless, using no addictive substitute drugs. With a 70% success rate at achieving lasting recovery, it is the program of choice so an addict can leave drugs behind.

Restoring Life Skills Lost in the Lifestyle of Addiction

When someone is striving toward sobriety, it is important to repair and restore the life skills that became submerged in an addicted lifestyle. The individual also must learn how to make the right decisions in a new, drug-free life. When he goes back home after drug rehab is complete, he will face similar stresses and many of the same obstacles he faced before entering a rehab program. The Narconon Life Skills Courses give the recovering individual the tools and knowledge he needs to maintain a life without drugs and to be on the path to a happy and productive future.

An example of one of these courses is the Communications and Perceptions Course. Here the student learns how to improve his communication skills, so necessary in achieving goals in life and dealing effectively with other people. One section of this course helps to brighten a recovering person’s perceptions, which have become dull through long-term drug abuse. With brighter perceptions and a more positive outlook, it is possible to look forward to an enjoyable life after rehab is complete.

Physical Aspects of Addiction Addressed at Narconon

A drugless withdrawal at Narconon, the first step of Narconon treatment, is made more comfortable a number of ways. First, generous nutritional support is an important part of making withdrawal more tolerable. It helps to replace essential nutrients that were lost in an addicted lifestyle. An addict does not take very good care of himself. This added nutrition strengthens the body. Trained staff also administer unique relaxation techniques that assist in easing the discomforts accompanying withdrawal. Special reorientation exercises help to get the recovering person more familiar with and better able to relate to his new, drug-free surroundings.

Drugs are not all eliminated from the system when someone stops using drugs. Residual drugs remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, causing muddled and confused thinking and sometimes igniting irrational behavior. These residual toxins are also known to contribute to triggering drug cravings even years after someone has stopped using drugs.

With The Narconon New Life Detoxification these drug resides are flushed from the body using an exact regimen of moderate exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements and time in a low heat sauna. This clears the body and mind, resulting in the recovering individual feeling brighter and more alert. Many who complete this phase of treatment say that their drug cravings have disappeared completely.

An Effective Drug Rehab for Kenner, Louisiana is in High Demand

Kenner lies within the Gulf Coast High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) where drug abuse runs rampant. The HIDTA is a designation by federal authorities to indicate that this area needs more resources appointed to stem the flow of drug trafficking. The significant drug threats to the Kenner and New Orleans area are cocaine distribution as well as methamphetamine production, distribution and abuse. Another persistent problem is marijuana distribution and abuse. Heroin availability is also a threat in the New Orleans area.

Crime is abundant when drug abuse is extensive. Kenner sees its share of drug-related crime and violence. Recently, an area resident was arrested and sentenced for selling crack cocaine as well as having a loaded AK-47 rifle in his possession. What made his situation unique was that he had just finished serving a sentence for manslaughter that resulted from a earlier drive-by shooting.

There is no doubt that an addict can lose his life to drugs, unable to resist the temptations of those drug dealers who make a living from the misery of others. Proofing an addict against relapse is important in any drug rehab. Narconon addresses the aspects needed to get a person effectively off drugs and then proofing him against the temptations of relapse. With a 70% success rate at achieving lasting recovery, it is time to take advantage of the alternative program offered by Narconon. Contact Narconon today.