Drug Rehab for Port St. Lucie

The pain and suffering experienced by a person addicted to drugs is not always fully understood by his family and friends. For an addict, the possibility of losing everything lurks constantly on the horizon. The threat of death from overdose or injury is always close. However, he is numb to these factors, driven by his cravings into a life of misery. If someone close to you is dealing with such problems, you want to find lasting recovery for him. You want to prevent your loved one from continuing to fall into the bottomless pit of drug addiction. A real solution is at hand with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Two Narconon centers are a few hours away from Port St. Lucie, providing effective and lasting recovery from drug abuse. The Narconon Suncoast Rehabilitation Center in Spring Hill is a long-term residential facility with comfortable accommodations and the same effective program as the more than fifty Narconon centers around the world. Narconon Florida in Clearwater offers the program in an outpatient facility so the recovering addict can work or go to school while coming off drugs.

Drugless Withdrawal and Thorough Detoxification Leads to Lasting Recovery

The devastating physical factors resulting from drug abuse must be addressed first. Rather than using substitute drugs in withdrawal and recovery like so many other rehab centers, Narconon provides drugless withdrawal and an innovative detoxification to assist in the body’s recovery. No medications are used in the program at all, since drugs commonly used in treatment are themselves addictive and so do not lead the recovering addict back to sobriety.

Using generous nutritional support during withdrawal replenishes vital nutrients that were depleted during long-term drug abuse. Experienced and trained staff monitor the recovering individual carefully, ensuring he is as comfortable as possible. Using special relaxation techniques and reorientation exercises, the staff assist with easing the pains and aches of withdrawal and the confusion of being in a new environment.

Soon after withdrawal, the addict will start the innovative Narconon New Life Detoxification. Flushing out the residual drugs that remain after drug use is of vital importance. These residue drugs, lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, are known to cause slowed and foggy thinking and have been known to contribute to drug cravings even years after coming off drugs. To eliminate these stored drugs from the system, a combination of low-heat sauna, moderate exercise and a specific regimen of nutritional supplements is employed. Once these residue toxins are gone from the body, the recovering person often remarks that drug cravings have disappeared.

An Education in Lost Life Skills Proofs the Addict against Relapse

Some important factors now must be addressed that will proof the addict against relapse and allow him to achieve a life of lasting sobriety. During the period of drug use, an addict loses life skills important to living a life without drugs. Once back out in his day-to-day environment, the recovering addict will face similar challenges and stresses to those they experienced before entering rehab. They need knowledge to cope with these factors so they won’t relapse into a life of misery once again.

Narconon’s Life Skill Courses repair and restore life skills the individual needs to better handle life. For example, one of these courses is the Personal Values and Integrity Course where the student will learn to face and repair misdeeds from his past. He feels relief as he sheds his guilt and learns to keep his values and integrity intact by making the right decisions.

The Need for an Alternative Drug Rehab in Port St. Lucie is Staggering

Port St. Lucie lies between two regions of Florida that have been labeled as High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas by law enforcement. The county has seen increasing amounts of drug-related activity and crime. Drug-related deaths in the state are higher than the national average. In nearby counties to St. Lucie County, cocaine and controlled prescription drugs are obtained with relative ease. Proofing an addict against relapse in the face of this increasing exposure to drugs becomes of the utmost importance.

Narconon’s holistic and effective drug program provides lasting recovery from drug abuse, with a 70% success rate. Your loved one deserves the best recovery treatment to be able to live a drug-free life and maintain sobriety. Contact Narconon today.