Drug Rehab for Cape Coral, FL

Despair, worry and horror describe the emotions of family and friends who watch as their loved one becomes addicted to drugs. Addiction causes pain not only for the ones close to an addict, but for the addicted person as well. His cravings push him into a life that could result in serious illness, imprisonment or even death. Yet he can appear numb to these consequences, only consumed with his drug habit. When searching for an effective solution, you have found it with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Lasting recovery is only a short drive from Cape Coral. The Narconon Suncoast Rehabilitation Center in Spring Hill is a residential facility where the recovering addict has a comfortable environment and can leave behind his drug addiction.

A Life of Sobriety Depends on Drugless Recovery

You will find a few centers to obtain drug rehab in Cape Coral, however, most rehabilitation programs include the use of substitute medications in treatment. By using substitute drugs in an attempt to make recovery more tolerable, these programs are simply trading one addiction for another. Substitute medications are addictive themselves and doctors are likely to continue to prescribe these drugs long after the rehab program is complete. The best way for a recovering addict to learn to stay sober is to not have to rely on any addictive drugs when he goes back to his day-to-day life.

With the Narconon recovery program, no drug substitutes are used in withdrawal or throughout the rest of the treatment. Drugless withdrawal has been found to be more tolerable with the use of nutritional support and knowledgeable assistance by trained staff. Narconon has a 70% success rate, giving the recovering addict lasting freedom from the need to use drugs.

Drugless Withdrawal and Full Detoxification Leads to Lasting Success

Withdrawal is the first step in the Narconon program, and is accomplished without using addictive substitute drugs. This step is made more tolerable through the use of generous nutritional support, replacing the nutrients lost during long-term drug use. This helps minimize the difficulties experienced during withdrawal.

Additionally, trained staff carefully monitor the individual, ensuring he is as comfortable as possible. They provide relaxation techniques to assist with the aches, pains and emotional discomfort. Reorientation exercises are used to help the recovering person become oriented in and better relate to his new, drug-free environment.

Shortly after withdrawal is complete, the person is started on the Narconon New Life Detoxification. A full and effective detoxification is needed to rid the body of stored toxins. Drugs do not all leave the body soon after consumption. Residues become lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, able to be released again into the bloodstream if conditions are right. These stored drugs cause foggy and confused thinking, and have been involved in the triggering of drug cravings long after drug use has ceased. Clearing the system of these poisons results in clearer thinking, a brighter outlook and less chance of relapse.

Another factor involved in a lasting recovery is the development of sober living skills. In a life of drug addiction, certain basic life skills are ruined, thus inhibiting a recovering addict from dealing with the stresses he will face when he goes back out into the world. With Narconon’s Life Skills Courses, the abilities needed to confront and handle life are repaired or rebuilt.

For instance, the Way to Happiness Course teaches guidelines to a common-sense moral code of conduct so the student can live an ethical and productive life. On the Changing Conditions in Life Course, the recovering individual learns simple formulas that he can apply to improve conditions in any aspect of his life.

High Availability of Drugs in Cape Coral Signifies the Need for Lasting Addiction Recovery

Southern Florida seems to be the target of heavy drug trafficking in recent times as South and Central American drug cartels point their trafficking channels in this direction. Too many adolescents become victims when drugs are so widely available. During the 2003 to 2006 period, 5.2 percent of Florida’s youth used an illicit drug during a one-month time frame. This percentage may escalate over the coming years as drug trafficking increases. It becomes of the utmost necessity to do everything possible to prevent recovering addicts from being sucked into the whirlpool of addiction after rehab.

With the Narconon recovery program, you have found the solution to achieve lasting sobriety for your loved one. They will now be proofed against relapse and able to live a fulfilling and productive life without the use of drugs. Contact Narconon today.