Drug Rehabilitation Center Mexico

Narconon Mexico

Rehabilitacion de las drogas

mexico rehab center in queretero

Carr. Libre a Celaya-Queretaro KM. 37.5 Apaseo el Grande, Guanajuato C.P 38192 Mexico

Phone: 52 (413) 16-03-192 Phone: 52 (448) 27-50-166 Emergency phone: 52 (442) 125-71-26

Email: info@narconon.org.mx

Website: Drug Rehab Mexico - www.narconon.org.mx

Narconon Mexico, in Queretero, north of Mexico City, opened the doors of its beautiful facility for full residential delivery in March of 1998. The center has hosted or participated in drug prevention events throughout the country and has delivered drug education to tens of thousands of youth over the past several years.

In addition to the the drug rehab services provided at the Narconon center in Queretaro delivers drug education to tens of thousands of school children each year.  

Marisela S. De Espinal, Senior Director for Expansion Narconon Mexico, about to board a police car for another day of drug prevention presentations.

A drug education program in Pedro Escobedo school, Mexico

A group of kids with a Narconon presenter