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Italy Drug Rehab Center

Narconon Alfiere

narconon alfiere italy drug rehab
Drug Rehabilitation
Riabilitazione da drogh
Via Montefeltro 16/2
61100 Pesaro, Italy

Phone: (39) 0721-404074

Website: Drug Rehab Pesaro Italy -


Narconon Alfiere

Tucked away on the eastern coast of Italy, Narconon Alfiere has brought rescue and salvage to many Italians who were suffering from addiction. Located at the edge of Pesaro, the Narconon center is just a short hop away from the Adriatic Sea. In this quiet, resort town, it's possible to let one's stress and worry about the past slip away, to be replaced by a calm new attitude about life.

From the tolerable withdrawal at the beginning of the Narconon program to the last page of the common-sense moral code in this program, each step of the Narconon program adds to the earlier steps to build a new strength in a former addict's life. Aided by a sunny warm climate, each person's healing can take place with the support of the experienced and understanding staff.

Narconon Alfiere Drug Rehab Center

Drug Rehab Center
Narconon Alfiere
Pesaro, Italy

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