Drug Addiction Campania Italy

The Campania region is the second in Italy after Emilia-Romagna, for primary cocaine and opiates, heroin, morphine and codeine. The data is from the Servizi Tossicodipendenze (Ser.T), that in the period 2009-2010 have taken under care a total of 24426 addicts, 21% of whom were being helped for the first time. These are mostly men (90%), young or very young, in fact only 20% of them were over 39 years old. Another source reports that 13,336 people under the care of Sert.T the same year (54%), used heroin as their primary drug, while 21,310 (87%), used mainly cocaine. All were found to make use of multiple drugs, often choosing cocaine as secondary drug, and more than 90% of them normally turned also to alcohol, tobacco and marijuana, both as replacements and in addition to other drugs, when these alone were not enough to get high like the first time.

Cocaine in Campania seems to be the main plague, because it is no longer restricted just to the circle of VIPs and professionals of Naples, Caserta and Salerno as in the past, but is now available almost everywhere, at low cost and within reach also of housewives, students and workers. Those most at risk are the teenagers, who easily pass from smoking a joint to inhaling cocaine to emulate the grown-ups and feel acceptance.

Drug trafficking in Campania is run by mafia groups belonging to the international drug trafficking cartels, with ramifications throughout the Mediterranean basin and in other parts of Europe. Cocaine and hashish come mainly from Morocco via Spain, and during the course of an operation that lasted two years and ended in 2009, the joint forces of Italy and Spain have seized a total of 2,660 kilos of hashish and 1,900 kilos of cocaine, stemming from the illegal activities of a single criminal gang. However, this was just a single battle won in a constant war, of which unfortunately is difficult to imagine the end.

Narconon Drug Rehab in Campania

Narconon has been working for years alongside local authorities, government agencies, educators, schools and private citizens, with the intent to educate and prevent the use of drugs and alcohol among young people, and has received recognitions and awards from medical professionals and Italian government authorities as well, for the effectiveness of its drug rehabilitation program, both in Italy and internationally. Narconon prevention groups are present all over the country and one of them has its headquarters in Campania, in the district of Salerno. The Narconon drug rehab is also active in the region to respond to the needs of anyone who faces problems with drugs and drug addiction. For more information and contacts, please write to info@narconon.org. For immediate assistance and help for drug addiction or drug education in the Campania region, please call directly their phone number + 39 02 36589162.