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Successes from Narconon drug prevention in California

Here’s what one teacher had to say about the presentation: “I feel the presentation made the kids aware of how drugs affect people and themselves. Perhaps even drugs they didn’t realize were drugs,” – 4th Grade Teacher.

After asking if their thoughts about drugs changed after hearing the talk, here’s what a number of students had to say:

“Yes, because I thought they were only bad for your body but they are really bad for both you and your surroundings.”

“Yes, it did. Gerry was a cool guy that I could really relate to being a kid. I felt like he understood the peer pressures of today.”

“Yeah, it kind of gave me a wake up call of what’s coming in the future.”

“Yes. At first, I knew drugs were bad but I really didn’t know they could affect you so much. Now I know it is not worth anything to take drugs.”