You Can Recover from Heroin

Heroin Addiction

As a derivative of opium, heroin is a drug that has been plaguing people for thousands of years. It’s been used ritually and religiously, but in today’s world, its use is anything but religious. Now it is part of international drug trafficking and drug dealing, some of the most insidious forces on earth.

Drug traffickers moving heroin have no desire other than the making of money. Those using heroin suffer addiction, illness, degradation and sometimes death unless they can find help recovering from the addiction. Narconon centers around the world have been helping heroin addicts recover for more than four decades.

There are many heroin drug rehabs other than Narconon, but what makes Narconon unique is that the program is completely drug free. Many other heroin drug rehabs employ synthetic opiates that prevent withdrawal pains and sickness and enable a person to live a law-abiding life but do not bring the freshness and clarity of a fully drug-free life.

The heroin drug rehab offered by Narconon centers on six continents start by providing nutritional support during withdrawal. There are two reasons for this. The first is that heroin addicts are normally in rough physical condition when they arrive because they have neglected their person needs, often for a very long time. The second reason is that drugs such as heroin burn up nutrients in the body so they are likely to be ever further depleted than they otherwise would be.

When they go into withdrawal, the body discomfort that is being covered up by the heroin use is going to show up very uncomfortably without this support. The nutrition provided as soon as the person walks in the door begins to work its way into muscles and tissues, helping to alleviate the worst of the sickness, reduce cramps and spasms and lift the person’s mood.

When the person has successfully completed withdrawal, a thorough detoxification process follows, employing a low-heat sauna, moderate exercise and the exact supplements that enable a body to flush out residues of past heroin use. Once these residues have been eliminated, those completing this step say they can think more clearly, have more energy and that their cravings are much less noticeable. Some people even say that their cravings for more heroin are gone.

The person then progresses through a series of “objective” exercises which help bring the individual’s attention into the present and off of past moments in which he may be stuck. Following the Objective step the person takes a series of Life Skills courses, to give him the skills and understandings which will increase the person’s effectiveness and success in life and enable him or her to avoid the past traps of addiction.

Heroin drug rehab can result in a drug-free life without cravings and with a restoration of drug-free life skills, morals, personal integrity and positive values. Heroin drug rehab at Narconon proves that recovery does not have to involve the use of synthetic opiates administered for years.

For forty-five years, heroin addicts have been finding clean and sober lives at Narconon centers. If you or someone you love is seeking heroin drug rehab, you can do no better than to contact your closest Narconon center and let them help you on your road to recovery.