Alcohol Recovery LearningSo far, everything we have talked about has been directly related to alcoholism or, more accurately, the drinking of alcohol. As you might guess from the title of this part, we are now going to talk about a part of the Narconon program that, on the surface, would seem to have little to do with alcohol recovery. But here is where you are going to see more differences between the Narconon program every other program. We do want to make it clear that no other program offers the New Life Detoxification Program. But many programs talk about detoxification , so the differences between those programs and the Narconon program might not be obvious.

What has learning got to do with alcohol recovery? Well, actually, everything. One unique aspect about the Narconon program is that it recognizes that alcohol is NOT the problem, but a solution to problems. This might seem odd, but read on.

The reason that one becomes addicted to alcohol is that he has problems. He has a problem that is so huge that he has been unable to find a solution for it. Immersed in this problem (and it might well be more than one) he now takes to drink. He might take that drink in a social setting. He might take it to try to handle a physical pain. He might take it because he is upset about something, and he knows that he is less upset after a drink. He might take it for any number of reasons. But what happens when he takes that drink is that he suddenly feels that the problem he has been trying to solve is “not as bad as he thought it was.” He feels maybe just a little bit “better.” So he takes another drink. He feels a bit MORE better. So he takes another drink, and the problem all but vanishes. Then the alcohol begins to wear off and the problem returns – now with the additional problem of alcohol withdrawal.

We are interesting creatures, we humans. As capable as we are of analytical thought, as capable as we are of figuring things out, we STILL act in a stimulus-response manner when we have a seemingly unsolvable problem. So, when we find that a couple of drinks deadens the pain (either physical or mental) we forget that drinking has its own downside. All we see is that it makes us feel better. So we drink again to make the problem go away. Of course, after a period of time and a large amount of alcohol, we develop a physical dependence on the alcohol.

This is the true mechanism of alcoholism. So, in order to handle the alcoholism, we must handle the underlying problems. This makes sense, does it not? Once this is understood, we are well on the road to helping the student on his journey to full alcohol recovery.

Now that we know that the root of the alcoholism is one or more other problems, it becomes clear that, in order to cure the alcoholic of his addiction, we must help him find and solve the problem or problems that led him to alcohol. There are always solutions to problem(s), solutions we will talk about in parts 5, 6, 7 and 8 of this series) and the student must be able to fully understand the problem, what makes it up and what might solve it. To do this one has to be able to understand the words and concepts that he encounters throughout his journey of discovery and solution.

This part of the Narconon program, Learning How To Learn, is actually a rehabilitation program all its own. It rehabilitates the alcoholic’s ability to study, to learn and, most importantly, to APPLY what he has learned to his own life.

THIS IS THE KEY TO RECOVERY. If we can insure that the alcoholic understands what he is reading, we can fully rehabilitate him.

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