Why Do People Smoke Pot

The Truth About Drugs Issue 1 1984

Narconon publication

Most surveys are generally in agreement. The biggest reason is because of boredom. When life lacks any real zip, pot is tried. When the high is discovered, it, for many, becomes the most exciting part of life.

Another common reason to turn to pot is curiosity. When these people then stay with it, it is for the same reasons. Relieving stress is a big attraction of the drugs. The most frequently mentioned reasons for stress among the young are the pressures of school, growing up, and the opposite sex. Peer pressure is another explanation given for smoking pot. This is the basis for a lot of social smoking. Whatever the grounds for starting, the motive for keeping with the drug is almost always the same. It’s because they like the high.


The most obvious worry over what pot can do is damage the lungs. Pot can cause severe irritation of the lungs. This is increased by the depth of inhalation. By puffing longer and deeper, one reaches a greater high. Pot does contain cancer-causing agents. Heart rate is greatly increased with pot smoking. In males, marijuana use has been proven to lower the levels of the male sex hormone testosterone. It also reduces the sperm count and can increase the chances of abnormal sperm. In females, there are just as many problems. The entire menstrual cycle is upset. The body fails to ovulate, the fertility time is shortened. Also, egg cells are abnormal and the hormone that controls milk production, prolactin, is decreased. What’s more, these changes last weeks after the smoking has stopped, by as much as several months. Therefore, it’s not enough just to stop when a pregnancy is planned. The brain and nervous system is a complex and delicately balanced electrochemical network which marijuana upsets. The potential for harm here, even if it’s unproven, can’t be overlooked.