Registered Nurse Recommends Narconon

Registered Nurse Recommends Narconon

Registered Nurse Recommends Narconon

Canada British Columbia Muriel A. Hay, R.N.

16 July 1980

I have been a Registered Nurse for the past twenty years and for the last six years have taught nursing. In both these professional capacities I have come in frequent contact with drug and alcohol addiction. Until two years ago, when I was introduced to the local Narconon Programme, I personally felt there were few results to recommend any of the agencies who were trying so hard to help these people.

Since being introduced to Narconon I have been impressed with the dedication of the volunteers who staff the agency, but far more impressed with the results of their work which are rehabilitated addicts. There are twelve rehabilitated addicts that I have met on their entrance into the programme and have followed with interest through to completion. These people are now holding jobs, some are reunited with families, and are back in the mainstream of living.

Narconon stresses a voluntary approach which coincides with my own philosophy. They have the support of B.C. Corrections which is under the Attorney General of B.C. They are also supported by the Ministry of Human Resources, business corporations, and various benevolent societies.

Narconon has been in existence since 1972 (sic), has worked in prisons and street programmes, and is currently negotiating contracts with professional and paraprofessional groups to train them in the technology of rehabilitating addicts.

This group has my full professional support. I trust this will be of some use to you. Please feel free to request any further data you feel would be of assistance in your work.



Muriel A. Hay, R.N.

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